We’re getting pumped for Halloween around here. I don’t go crazy with holiday decorating, but there are some great made-by-nerds fall projects on display right now. This embroidery hoop was an album cover to a mini album I never completed, inspired by a class tutorial by Rachel Denbow. I gutted the pages for future use and decided the “cover” worked better hanging out on the mantle.


The kids LOVE their Kiwi Crate glow ghost in the window. She and the other Halloween Kiwi project are by far the cutest additions around here this month.

But we still haven’t carved or painted pumpkins, so there’s still a chance they’ll get out-cuted.


Also, it wouldn’t be a holiday without pictures by Eliza taped everywhere.


Even though Halloween isn’t until Thursday, the kids already have a year’s supply of candy. We went to my great-grandpa’s retirement home yesterday and did trick-or-treating there. The kids hit the chocolate motherland. I’m still not done making costumes, so the kids wore garage sale play clothes stuff meanwhile.


Jake is developing a crazy new program idea at work that is pretty much revolutionary. He’s a genius. No, really. I’m so very proud. He’s also going to need to be brushing up on calculus for it in the coming months, because he’s slightly allergic to math.


Eliza’s last soccer game of the season was last weekend. It’s bittersweet, because we all love it, but it will be nice to have our weekends back.


Jake took portraits of me and my neutral face looks really sad. I can only rock the half smile look in photos, for the most part.


I’ve been working on portrait skills too, getting those catch-light sparkles in the eyes. Jonas is ridiculously cute. (There’s still a few more hours to enter to win How to Shoot Your Kids if you want to get better at portrait photography too!)


As soon as Halloween is over, I’m going to winterize the garden, which mostly means bringing a crazy amount of plants inside. We still have tomatoes hanging in there! Crazy!


I’m spending the rest of the day on costume duty! We’re getting close. Eliza’s and Jake’s Doctor Who costumes are almost complete, Eliza and I just need to make a Union Jack shirt tonight. Also, I need to let out Jake’s pants. Spoiler alert: His costume is the raddest thing in the world. We found the perfect tie AND a $12 trench coat at a thrift store this weekend. We couldn’t believe our luck!

There’s more to do on Jonas’s and my Star Wars costumes. I found great tunic fabric at the thrift store for Jonas’s Anakin (see curtains above!) and am going to try my luck sewing it using his existing clothes as a template. I’m also making him a wooden necklace tomorrow. I’m going to be sewing up a Leia gown (which will probably look wonky, but whatever) and practicing those cinnamon buns today and tomorrow too.

What’s new with you lately?

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