Doctor & Rose

Last year, we made DIY costumes Harry Potter costumes for the kids, and this year we’re aiming to outdo ourselves. However, we’re going to be a house divided, split between Doctor Who and Star Wars. Here are the Doctor Who costume plans, which we’re going to try to make a reality this week:

Doctor Who

Jake is going as Doctor Who. Ten, of course.

He’s the closest to making his costume a reality, because he found just the right brown pinstripe suit at an estate sale for $3 last weekend! Now we just need to take out his pants a bit (my mom’s going to help), the perfect tie, and standard white Converse. Or possibly custom maroon Converse, because even though the Doctor tends to wear the white shoes with the brown suit, and I’m pretty sure only wears the maroon ones with the blue suit, they’re a bit more of a screaming “I’m a Whovian!!!” marker. Yes, a lot of thought has been put into this.

Doctor Who and Rose

In addition, the Doctor needs a sonic screwdriver, right? And if we can find a trench coat at a thrift store, that would be the icing on the cake.

(*P. S. Thank goodness Nike has been turning its labor practices around. Though there are still problems. It’s been so long since we’ve been able to buy Converse.)

Rose Tyler

Eliza has declared she’s going as Rose. Which is a little tricky, because Rose dresses in pretty normal clothing. We might go with Rose’s most iconic look (left, from The Stolen Earth & Journey’s End). It’s ironic that this is the most iconic Rose look, because this is after she’s left the show (as how to dress like Rose Tyler points out). This costume will be mostly found clothing as well: black slacks, black boots, fuschia-ish shirt, dark blue bomber jacket. The jacket will be the hardest to find, but I’m not above spray painting a thrifted jacket to pull this off for the night.

Rose Tyler

We’ve got a back up plan. If we can’t make idea #1 work, we’re going with the Union Jack look from The Empty Child. Though this version would involve us learning how to make hair wavy, which is outside of our current parenting abilities set. Eliza has been educating her fellow classmates on all things Doctor Who, so at least they’ll kind of know who she is when she dresses up for school.

Jonas and I are going with a Star Wars theme, and I’ll tell you all about that later today. (And hey, we’ll all be ready for cosplay at Planet Comicon next year. Bonus!)

Are you dressing up for Halloween? If you live somewhere Halloween isn’t celebrated, do you have an occasion to get into character?