Eliza and Jake are going with Doctor Who costumes for Halloween, but Jonas and I are going the Star Wars route.

Jonas is going to be young Anakin, because, well, look at him. Little Jonas has it in the bag.


Here’s what I’m planning on doing for Jonas: We’re going to sew him a tunic (probably out of burlap), dye some thin white cloths with coffee to make wraps for his legs, throw some kaki pants on him, make him a wooden necklace, and give him something to tinker on to carry around. We’ll also give him a few things from around the house to make it complete, like a belt to go around his midsection. Plus, covers to make his shoes look like boots. It’s going to be adorable. Hopefully Jonas won’t turn to the dark side (or get ahold of a pod racer).


I’m going with Leia because I have all of this hair and I’m going to use it before it (hopefully) gets shaved off for my breast cancer fundraiser. (Now’s a good time to DONATE!!!) We’re doing this one from scratch too: I’ve got a ton of white knit jersey fabric and I’m not afraid to use it. For the belt, I’m thinking faux leather and silver spray paint. Also, I have to learn how to do double cinnamon roll buns. Or Jake does, because I suspect my arms will get tired. Pretty sure I’m going to cheat by wrapping my hair around wire. It’s apparently tricky and the online tutorials I’ve found haven’t been very impressive. I’ll also probably need to pick up some lipstick (because I own NONE).

Off to go searching for costume supplies! Wish me luck!

Have you ever done a DIY costume? What was your biggest achievement or fail?