Pulling down the wall.

…assisting Jake in pulling more bricks off of our house for our corner re-build project.

…feeling the breeze through open windows.

…dealing with allergies because of them.

…a long walk with Jonas.

…finishing A Clash of Kings for the second time.

…hanging out on the Project Life Lessons message boards.

…putting some sealer on a wood project.

…checking to see if any of the the mums have bloomed.

…a 30 degree range in temperature over the next 24 hours.

…practicing spelling words with Eliza.

…writing a grocery list.

…double yoga.

…working in the spare moments.

What are you doing today?

P.S. This is a really fun journaling prompt to get a picture of your plans for the day! If you play along, make sure to leave a link so I can read what your day is for!