Theory Of Knowledge

Today’s challenge over at Document Life Workshop is to document a favorite class or subject. I’m mid-way through documenting my favorite class in high school: Theory of Knowledge! ToK is a philosophy class that was required for my International Baccalaureate degree. It was challenging, interesting, eye-opening, and perspective shifting for me. I not only enjoyed the content of the class (I still have all of my handouts almost ten years later), it changed me as a person as well. It taught me how to find bias, justification, and limitations in information. It taught me how to separate belief from knowledge.

I’m still looking for a picture I know I have of my teacher Mr. Bufton to finish up, but I have my journaling all completed and I made a graphic in Photoshop (above) that shows you the breakdown of the class: knowledge at the center, with the “ways of knowing” in the middle circle, and then the “Areas of Knowledge” in the outer circle.

Side note: Mr. Bufton is the person in the world I would most love to give me a recommended reading list. He was also my IB English teacher, and between the way he taught works in English and the amazing articles he found to illustrate concepts and generate discussions in ToK, I know that I’d love to read any book he’d tell me I should try out.

Go check out the challenge and see team takes!

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