Your E-Mail is a Memory Keeping Goldmine | The Nerd Nest

This week I’ve been working on getting my inbox down from 9,000 or so e-mails (I’m so bad at deleting or archiving things in there) to zero. More on that later, right now let’s talk about the memory keeping goldmine that is e-mail. Things that seemed insignificant then are so awesome now!

One of my biggest memory keeping regrets is not documenting more everyday stuff while we were in college. That’s what that castle photo up there is all about, btw. It’s a building on our alma mater campus. (Background: Jake and I got married and had Eliza super young, and we were both full-time college students while she was a baby / toddler.) I was great at making pages about Eliza, adventures we went on, or more personality focused pages for Jake and I, but you would barely even know we were in college and had jobs looking at those pages. This really stinks, because how we juggled all of those things was really the main story of our lives just then.

Enter e-mail. There are so many great e-mails between Jake and I coordinating things with each other and with all sorts of interesting information in them!

Here’s a good one from Jake circa 2010:

“I got a 96% on my midterm I took yesterday in Systems Analysis & Design. I’m really proud of myself in that class. I was expecting that class to be SUPER hard, however, after studying for it a lot, I came out with an excellent grade! I’ve raised my grade from a 78% overall to a 92% overall! (He also accepted that assignment that I messed up when submitting). The bad thing of all this, is I spent so much time preparing for the SysAna Midterm, that I was extremely under prepared for the Computer Operating Systems Final. I will not be surprised if I have to retake that course! I def. got a B probably a C from a 90% going in 🙁 The scary thing is, if you fail a final at Park you fail the course! I’m pretty sure I failed the final, but the professors usually just assume you’re a bad test taker if you go into the final with a high grade and come out with a horrible test score. I’m over it now, I don’t want to think about it any more, I just wanted to let you know what is up.

P.S. I got Eliza to snuggle me ALL NIGHT last night (sticking my tongue out, LOL).”

And one from me to Jake when I was in Denver without him:

“I love you and I miss you. Goodnight, sweet prince. I’m only a state away, but I feel like I’m in Egypt. I feel at home when I’m with Jess, but I feel the distance between us so acutely now that I’m laying down for bed and I don’t have the steady sound of your breathing lulling me to sleep. I wish I could wrap myself to the contours of your sleeping form; fitting together like puzzle pieces. I love you more than all of the books + all of the libraries x all of the music notes ever uttered to the power of all of the bits in every electronic device ever. I love doing love math with you 🙂

Kiss Eliza for me and don’t forget to feed the cat

Love love love


(Don’t forget to look for e-mails YOU sent too!)

Other e-mails are less about the words, but more reminders for things to document. Things like e-mail confirmations for signing Eliza up for soccer or Spanish classes can help me remember when she did those things, I can get an idea of the things we bought online for a specific Christmas, can write down all of the crazy amounts of documentation required for buying our house (so stressful), or can do a page about all of the times our old Etsy shop was featured different places. Pretty darn awesome.

I started my Gmail account in 2010, so now I’m going to look into my old Yahoo account so see if I can get to those e-mails. I have a feeling there’s gonna be some great stuff in there. My “for memory keeping” e-mail folder is filling up with goodness.

What’s waiting in your inbox?