How to Create a Private Blog to Store Your Memories

One of my favorite ways to record longer journaling for memory keeping is to write long blog posts. I then go back and copy / paste them when I’m ready to use may saved stories for something in a scrapbook. My blog is so helpful to me as a memory keeping tool, because it stores my stories with the photos that go with them, and is a powerful search tool. I can find my past blog posts by searching for key words, or can search through a certain month’s archives to see what we were up to, or find a story I know was written in a certain time period.

Blogs are powerful memory keeping tools, but not everyone wants to use a blog to announce their personal stories to the world. That’s why, today, I’m going to show you how to make a private blog through Blogger. This is a great option for even those who are not tech savvy, because blogger is free, easy to use, and is a great way to pair your stories with photos and / or share them with a select group of friends and family.

Here’s how to create your own private blog:

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1. Start by heading to Blogger. You’ll need a Google account if you don’t already have one, which you can get for free here. You can choose to use your current Google Plus profile (which you automatically have if you have a Google Account), or can use a limited Blogger profile. Because this blog is going to be private, go with the latter.


2. Next, you choose your display name. This can be an alias, or can be your real name. This isn’t the name of your blog, it’s the “author” name you use. Also keep in mind that you can create multiple blogs under this name.


3. Create a new blog! Now that you have your profile set up, click “new blog” to create your new online home.


4. Choose your blog name and address The name is the title of the blog. It can be as simple as “Megan’s Blog” or can be something fun like “The Nerd Nest” is! The address is what you’ll type in to see the blog. Because this is a Blogger blog, the address will be the words you choose with a at the end. Try to find something easy to remember (and easy to spell). Remember not to add spaces! This name has to be unique in the blogger community, so something like “kittens” will probably already be taken. “kittensintophats” might be available, though! You may have to try several different addresses before you find one that is available to use.


5. Your blog is created! Time to change the settings. If you want your blog to be public, you can stop right here and start writing your first post. Otherwise, you’ll have to click that little drop down arrow and then click “settings.”


6. Make your blog private to searches. You’ll have to change two things on the Settings page. First, under “Privacy” select “No” for “Add your blog to our listings?” and “Let search engines find your blog?”


7. Make your blog private to readers. Next, under “Readers,” change your readers privacy to “Only blog authors” (here you can add another person, if for instance you want a spouse to be able to write blog posts too) or “Only these readers” if you want specific people to be able to read your blog, like your mom or your best friend. Readers will have to have a Google account, or they must be re-invited as a guest every 30 days. You can learn more about this in the control permissions.

Congratulations! You have a private blog! Now you can click “new post” and start saving your memories for future use. I hope this helps those of you interested in using a private blog for memory keeping!

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