This year I’m playing along with Ali Edward’s Day in the Life. At the end of each month, I’ll be documenting our routine.

Here’s August 31!





Morning: The kids woke up and piled on us in our bed while we half dozed and they watched an episode of Pingu on Netflix. The cat joined in too. We got ready slowly and then we all went outside to take care of our garden. Around 10:00 Beth (my aunt technically, but she’s 5 years older and we grew up in the same house, so she’s my sister relationship-wise) came to pick Eliza and I up. I showed her my albums first; she’s taking Project Life Lessons and is going to start Project Life! We left the boys at home to run around and headed to the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art.









Afternoon: We spent hours at the museum, mostly with Eliza as our guide. She’s art obsessed and is full of cool factoids. The museum is huge, and we only saw a small chunk: the Modern and Contemporary collection (Eliza’s favorite), the Native American section, and the Asian section. I can’t wait to bring Jake back to go to the Contemporary Portraiture exhibit while it’s still there. We had lunch at the courtyard. I had so much fun spending the day with Beth and E.








Evening: The rest of the day was a nice change of pace. We’re usually rushing around all weekend, but today was just LAZY. I read The Princess Bride under a cat, we baked cookies, Jonas and I did yoga (he’s SO into it), the kids watched Beethoven while I added traditional layouts I created years ago into the Project Life childhood album I made last weekend and Jake played Minecraft, we watched the stars come out, had a late dinner at Jerusalem Bakery, and watched Dr. Who before bed.

That’s a day in the life over here. Did you do a day in the life? Share a link if you did!

More Day in the Life Stuff:

P.S. Ali Edwards’s Week in the Life is next week, and I’ll be participating. I’ve decided that my plan of attack is to include a Project Life spread for every day of the week into my normal Project Life album. Monday-Thursday will each focus on one family member’s day, then Friday-Sunday will be about all of us. I’m excited!!!!

P.P.S. It’s Project Life extravaganza week, so come back for a PL spread this evening!