You Go Girl | Art Journaling Feminism with Kara of I Just Might Explode

We’re on vacation for the next two weeks, but we’re leaving you in good hands with guest posts everyday AND regular Nerd Nest scheduled posts on weekdays. Today’s guest post is by Kara of I Just Might Explode. She’s a fellow feminist, photographer, and crafty human.

Feminism came for me at a time when I was beginning to be frustrated with how women were treated. I was annoyed with the representation of women in media, in women’s “roles” that I learned at church, and the way girls and women were expected to be and behave. I read feminist zines, feminist blogs, and later on gender and feminist theory. Feminism taught me how to look at and analyze the world, particularly as a privileged, white woman. Around this same time, art and art journaling came into my life and offered a natural way for me to approach these new thoughts and ideas. I was trying to figure out who I was as a teenage girl and art journaling offered a no-judgement way to explore the emotions I was experiencing. I’ve been wanting to create an art journaling course about feminism for years now and You Go Girl is the extension of my messy, high-school art journals. This class is a 20 page, PDF-only course on art journaling about identifying as a feminist.

You Go Girl | Art Journaling Feminism with Kara of I Just Might Explode

Who’s this class for? Anyone! The prompts are open-ended and perfect for newbie feminists or all you old ladies (just kidding! but, really, it is). This class is on the smaller side of most of my classes, but since feminism is such a huge topic I wanted to keep it easy to digest.

You Go Girl | Art Journaling Feminism with Kara of I Just Might Explode

What’s included in You Go Girl:

  • Instructions on making the mini-book (cover and pages)
  • 10 journaling prompts
  • 20+ page printable PDF of the entire class

Kara is offering a special discounted price for You Go Girl to Nerd Nest readers: Use the coupon code thenerdnest for 20% off! If you end up winning and you purchase the class right away, you’ll be reimbursed.

Kara Haupt of I Just Might Explode blogs about life, art school, the things she makes and sells online, music, and how to live an ever evolving creative life. Connect with her on Twitter.