This week, the challenge at Document Life Workshop is to Use a Non-Flattering Photo. I think that it’s common to delete or ignore photos in which you don’t think you look your best (or you may avoid the camera all together). But sometimes those are the photos that tell the best stories. And you aren’t telling your story unless YOU are in it, at least some of the time. Whatever you hate about how you look in a photo: no one else is going to notice (Unless, you know, you’re making that drunk looking half blink face. We’ll all notice that.) I guarantee you’re your own worst critic. Don’t worry about how you look, and get yourself into the photos in your memory keeping!

For this photo and journaling card, which I’m going to use in my Project Life albums, I documented a picture Jonas took of me. I don’t look awesome (that’s a funny face I’m making, and I don’t even have on a bra), but the photo is special because my two year old wanted to take a picture of me. He asked to take it, and he kept on taking them until he had one he liked. (You know you’re the son of bloggers when…)

Getting that cute memory in the books is way more important than screening photos so only my best-angle ones get through.


Another note: practice makes perfect. I have learned over time how to be comfortable in front of the camera. You can totally see the evolution in my Monthly Reads photos. I used to refuse to have my photo taken, but now it’s a normal part of my life.

Take on the challenge and check out the team takes!

Do you include not-so flattering photos of yourself?