Things We Say to Our Kids

I loved this post by Ali Edwards and was inspired to record what Jake and I are saying to the kids right now.

Things I say to my kids:

I love you.
High five!
Just a minute, please.
Put. That. Down. NOW.
Be nice.
That makes me sad.
You rock.
I don’t negotiate with terrorists.
Do you need to go potty on the potty chair?
Time out!
Do you wanna snuggle?
Pick out a book!
Be careful!
Do you have questions about anything?
Stop climbing on me.
Is that cool with you?
How was school?
Dude, pick up your shoes.
Whatcha think?
Chill out.
Would you rather do this, or this?
If you want to do that, you have to do this first.
I’m so glad you’re home!
Let’s make something.

Things Jake says to the kids:

Get down.
Turtle turd.
Go to bed.
No, I love yooooou.
What was that?!?
I think it was you!
Pick up your stuff.
That’s super smart.
Where do we go potty?
Where do we go potty?
Why didn’t you go potty on the potty chair?
Dude, you’re freaking out.
You’re a robot.
Sit down.
Did you brush your teeth?
Meanie head!
I’m gonna get you!

What do you find yourself saying a lot?