A few random things happening around the Nest right now:


I’ve taken over Big Picture Classes’s Instagram account for the week, so make sure to follow there for a ton of memory keeping inspiration. It’s gonna be epic. (If you don’t have an Instagram, you can still click that link to view the photos + tips on the web.)

I’m so excited for Project Life Lessons to start next week! I have butterflies.


We went to hang out with my great-grandpa recently, and it was so fun hearing his stories. (I’d never asked how he’d ended up in Kansas City after growing up in North Carolina, so that was awesome!) I also found out that he grew up a few miles from the Peachoid, which I didn’t know was a real thing. House of Cards fans will think that’s as funny as we think it is.


Love that reading before bed is a group activity. Eliza is finishing up reading books for her summer reading project, Jonas is into telling us about what’s going on in the pictures, and I’m working on finishing reading Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix to Eliza, which we’ve been working on sporadically for a year.


Eliza is raising a caterpillar in her bedroom. It’s a good thing we have an herb garden. It has doubled in size in a week!


Ava, my best friend’s baby, is the cutest. I love watching her, and am so excited that she’s eating solid food now. Because that’s super fun. She’s going to learn to crawl soon, though, and then I’m in trouble.


Getting in the homework routine. There doesn’t seem to be enough time in the evenings for everything to get done by bedtime.


Everyone has been super into ping pong. We go to play at Jake’s work gym. We may have to haunt Craigslist for a table of our own.


Jonas and I planted the second round of peas for the season. He’s a master gardener. I love turning wasted space in our yard into something awesome.


Jake has been a big fancy deal at work, giving presentations to hundreds of people (true story). He’s now preparing for a presentation with some executives. Yikes! Last night he practiced on me and explained some new fancy logic he figured out to improve his application.

Doctor Who

Probably the biggest thing that’s happened lately is we’re all OBSESSED with Doctor Who. All of us. obsessed. As in, we have watched four seasons in the past few weeks obsessed. As in, we watched 7 episodes on Saturday obsessed. Jonas is running around pretending to be the Doctor and Eliza has been reading the cool book she bought with her own money. Eliza also gets nerd points for getting excited to find Doctor Who actors who have been in other nerdy stuff she loves (Harry Potter and Buffy). She makes her mama proud. Jake is dreaming up plans for a Tardis shed next year. And maybe a Dalek vacuum robot. And I’m just scared that the tenth doctor’s regeneration is near.

We started with the reboot, and we’re going to go back and watch all of the classics when we’re through. Just don’t expect us to be very productive meanwhile.

That’s a bit of what’s going on around here. What’s going on with you?

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