Savory Sunday Vol. 65

Time for an update on how I’m doing on my monthly One Little Word goals! If you haven’t read about my intentions for the second half of the year, this post will make a lot more sense if you do. One Little Word is a class taught by Ali Edwards at Big Picture Classes.

One Little Word July + August

My July intention was to FINISH trip. The intention was to be FINISHED with work, to take a break, to regroup. And that mostly happened. We went to Table Rock Lake with Jake’s parents and that was super relaxing. Though, as you can see in the photo, I couldn’t give up working entirely. I was texting Allie for updates on our then-just-released ebook Inspiration Vacation and I fought with the super crummy internet in the mornings to try to schedule the the guest post extravaganza posts I didn’t quite get to at home. That was all during down time, though, or in little quick blips, so overall the goal of relaxing was archived. And the goal of going on some vacation this year was achieved, though it wasn’t the one we were originally planning on.

Race for the Cure

My August intention was FINISH line and that right there folks is the finish line. I worked on training for the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure 5K in August, though the vacation was right before the race and that set me back some (though I did run a bit during vacation). I alternated walking and running and didn’t get to run the whole time as was my goal, but I’m so happy with how the race went. And I’m working towards doing another 5K in November (a fundraiser for Eliza’s school). Hopefully I can run the whole time by then.

These months weren’t just for FINISHing a trip and crossing the FINISH line, they were also for looking to the intentions for the months ahead. I tried to do things that needed to be done in order to meet the goals for the months to come. Here are the rest of the year’s intentions, and what I did to work toward them:

September FINISH wood | I will complete a woodworking project with Poppy.

I’ve got my project all worked out! I’m going to make a headboard out of some extra wood doors we have in the basement. I’m going to feel like such a grown up with a headboard! Jake and I are working on sketching out the plan, and then Poppy and I will make it! I’m super excited.

October FINISH fini | I will read a book in French.

I read almost all of Eliza’s sizable collection of French children’s books in these months (sometimes with her help–so cool that my 7 year old can teach me). I’m planning on busting out my French textbooks from college to re-read in September to prep.

November FINISH draft | Write a new draft of my novel.

I’ve been mulling over my problem areas so that November can be spend just writing and not planning.

I’m also paying attention to when the best time in my day will be to carve out an hour or two. I think the solution is to give up reading in November, which I’ve done to great effect in the past.

December FINISH debt | We will decimate our debt!

I don’t know about this one, guys. It’s depending on a ton of factors right now. These last two months did not help towards this goal, between the vacation stuff and buying supplies for future projects, the goals didn’t happen. Hopefully our big plans for the rest of the year are a success.

Also, in addition to my monthly intentions, I have intentions that I work on but don’t have a timeline, like FINISH strong and FINISHing re-reading my favorite books. I finished some other great stuff in these months, like my 2012 December Daily.

I’ve mentioned this before, but I’m also FINISHED with soda pop as of January, and I tried a bit for the first time a few weeks ago just to see if the taste changed for me. The verdict: I went from a full blown Coca Cola addict to HATING pop. It tastes like foamy corn syrup to me now. Those first few weeks of cold turkey with it were hell, but these are the results. It’s amazing. This sort of goes with an overall trend we’ve had this year as a family of moving towards a more healthy lifestyle and more real food. The one little word FINISH really helps me to think about what I want to accomplish versus what I want to remove from my life. Those duel meanings have been so very helpful to me.

When I signed up for One Little Word, I also signed up for I Choose, a self-paced class from Elise Blaha Cripe. These two classes totally work in harmony, and I used the info in I Choose to choose my intentions for the year. I’m marrying these two classes together and choosing a few extra things to finish over the next month.

  • I will FINISH raising at least $2,500 more for Bald for Breasts (and come November, I’ll be FINISHed with my hair)!
  • I will FINISH teaching Project Life Lessons and will have knocked everyone’s socks off.
  • I will FINISH 30 Days of Lists daily.
  • I will FINISH Week in the Life.
  • I will FINISH more of my 34 books.
  • I will FINISH watching a ton of Doctor Who episodes with Jake.
  • I will FINISH 4 non-scrapbooking craft projects.
  • I will FINISH running 20 miles.

Do you have a One Little Word? How did your intentions vs. actions work out this summer?

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