Find Your Voice with Kristin of Rukristin Papercrafts

We’re on vacation for the next two weeks, but we’re leaving you in good hands with guest posts everyday AND regular Nerd Nest scheduled posts on weekdays. Today’s guest post is by Kristin from from rukristin papercrafts. She’s an awesome creative memory keeper and storytelling guru.

Hello Nerd Nesters, I’m Kristin from rukristin papercrafts. This summer I’m teaching a free summer storytelling workshop called Find Your Voice. Over the past few weeks Megan has shared some amazing projects created for Find Your Voice here at the Nerd Nest and today I’m here to ask you to play along with us!

Find Your Voice is a free workshop aimed at helping you find your storytelling voice. You are an awesome person with amazing stories, so this summer join us to find the most genuine way to tell your stories!

Each lesson is packed with content. You can look forward to fun and thought-provoking worksheets, inspiring creative prompts, and amazing projects from incredibly talented women like Megan and many more.

Find Your Voice with Kristin of Rukristin Papercrafts

To ‘be the author of your own adventure’ speaks to me on a level reserved for things I am truly passionate about. We all live in this world together, but we experience things individually. We bridge that gap with storytelling. We communicate our experiences to other people in hopes that we can find a connection; a commonality on which to build a relationship.

I created this class because, more than anything, I love stories. I love watching them, reading them, listening to them, creating them and telling them. I have been sharing and creating the story of my life for a number of years now, and it’s been rewarding, challenging and so much more.

Stories remind us that we’re not alone. Somewhere, out there, there are other people experiencing things too.

No one knows your story as well as you — so you should take care to tell it the best way you can.

Find Your Voice with Kristin of Rukristin Papercrafts

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It’s not too late to start (and there is no ‘behind’). The broad themes of the lessons all bleed into one another, so it’s easy to start (or pick back up) at any time.

The Find Your Voice blog and community structure will be open indefinitely. The single lesson PDFs will be available to download free of charge until September 1st, when they will be packaged together for $5 in order to offset the cost of keeping the FYV blog and community open.

Find Your Voice with Kristin of Rukristin Papercrafts

Grab these free Story Outline cards here!

If summer is too hectic for you, it’s super easy to download the lessons and work at your own pace. You can even have the lessons sent directly to your email to read at any time.

And one final thought about Find Your Voice. This workshop is for everyone! You definitely don’t need to be a scrapbooker or paper-crafter to play along. We’ll be telling stories through pictures, photographs, social media, prose, and more. The only thing you need is a willingness to become the author of your own story and the courage to step outside of your comfort zone. In fact, the class works best if you are willing to try out different storytelling methods and not be afraid of messing up a couple times before settling on the style that works best for you.

Want to know even more? Check out the comprehensive FAQ.

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Kristin is a millennial storyteller who loves listing, memory-keeping, graphic design, social justice, her iPhone, and adventures with Jeffrey (her person). She is the owner of rukristin papercrafts, which is a venue to share inspiration, products and lessons on storytelling, crafting and much more. Kristin loves to encourage others to find their voice and take their own adventures to the next level, whatever and wherever that may be. Find her on twitter, instagram, facebook and her blog.