What are Your Blog Sponsorship Program Pet Peeves?

We’re working on a new blog design over here, and with it is going to be a sponsorship program re-vamp. We’ve got some pretty awesome ideas, and we’re going to test the waters with them at the end of the month. But first, we want to know what grates on your nerves when it comes to sponsorship programs, either as a reader, a host, or a buyer.

Here are what a few people I asked via Twitter said:

When the person just isn't nice. I think you should be CRAZY nice to the people supporting your blog.

-Justine (@justinesayss)

Like, hosting ads or as the buyer? As the buyer: cluttered sidebars. Host: People who can't follow directions. another pet peeve is when bloggers charge too little for the work they put into promoting their sponsors — I see $1 spots on Passionfruit all the time and would hate to sit down to actually work out how much money comes to the blogger in the end after fees! Value your time, friends!

-Campfire Kam (@CampfireChic)

As a host: not following directions. As a buyer: not getting clear enough instructions.

-Kristin Tweedale (@rukristin)

When the host takes a "blogging break" without making sure to keep content going for the page views. Rude!

-Amy Schubert (@amytschubert)

That at least one post each day if not more are sponsored and tend to be a canned ham. One of the blogs I used to love to read has so much publicity that the posts are almost all based on their sponsors. I miss the way it used to be…it’s good for them, but not an authentic blog for the reader anymore.

- Trina (@FeedtheBirdies)

What about you? What drives you crazy about certain blog sponsorship programs?

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