We went to the Kansas City Zoo recently, and I jumped on the opportunity to get some great shots of the animals! Megan calls me a Monet because I like landscapes so much, but I’m really just all about nature photography in general. Animals are so fun to shoot, because they have such cool colors and textures. And it’s challenging to get just the right shot for a moving target! (I had to wait so long for the elephant to open her ears!) Get ready for some cute overload.








Megan snapped a few photos to capture a few important moments too.


Like Jonas thinking it was the coolest thing ever that he got to see a polar bear poop. If you’re trying to potty train, a good way to make it cooler is to show off that freaking POLAR BEARS do it. True story.


Thanks to the special festivities set up by our friend Steve’s work day at the zoo, the kids got to touch a teeny tortoise.


And a snake. The snake was so cool: it was iridescent!


When Jonas got tired he dropped and did cobra pose. Any time is a good time for yoga, I guess.


We had an amazing time. We’re so thankful to Steve for inviting us for this special zoo day! The zoo wiped us out (everything is 100% harder when you’re herding Jonas) and we only got to see about 3/5 of the zoo thanks to Jonas’s shenanigans. (He really and truly wanted to get in the cage with the toddlers. “Can I get in there?” “Can I hug him?”) So we’ll be going back again this year. Mostly because it’s fun but also, let’s face it, because I want to take photos of kangaroos.

The best part, other than getting to take tons of cool photos, was having Eliza as a tour guide. She recently did the Africa section of the zoo with her school, and she remembered awesome facts about so many of the animals. Like that one of the baboons has diabetes and they taught it to prick its finger. And that the black rhinos are endangered, and it’s sad because people kill them because they think their horns have medicinal properties, but really they are just made of the same stuff our hair and fingernails are made of. I love that she’s so passionate about science and amazed at how much information she retained. It was so cool to learn from her!

Do you have a zoo by you? Do you enjoy going?