It's Okay to Redo a Scrapbook Page by Megan Anderson

This week’s challenge at Document Life Workshop is to Transform something from “eh” to awesome. The challenge is totally an open invitation to fix up anything you want, and I decided to do something that is against an oft said rule of memory keeping. I’m re-doing a scrapbook page.

In general, I think re-doing a scrapbook page is a bad idea. I don’t love a lot of the pages I made when I started out and was learning about design, but they tell a story and show my progress. Totally cool with that, wouldn’t dream of redoing (though I do like going back in and adding more words with inserts to fill in the story gaps). But I’ve also got a lot of scrapbooks, and they are going to just keep taking up more space. I only want pages I love or layouts that tell a story to be included. And I’ve never ever been happy with this one:

It's Okay to Redo a Scrapbook Page by Megan Anderson

I don’t know what it is about this page I dislike so much. Probably it’s too busy and there’s nowhere for the eye to rest. You can barely see the photos. The patterns don’t work together. There’s no balance. I know that I pretty much only made the page as a chance to play with cutting out frames with my then-new Silhouette. And there’s no rule that says I have to let it take up space in my album if I don’t want it to.

With a lot of help from Un Du Adhesive Remover (which gets your page wet so you can remove adhesive without tearing, but evaporates fast and doesn’t make ink colors run or mess up photos), I am scrapping this page for parts. I’m planning on re-printing the photos larger to make a different page, but the embellishments and papers are going to have a whole new life. That background paper? Perfect for a page about our old vintage finding / selling ventures. The gold metallic strip? I love it. I’ll probably use it on something today. The letters can be re-used on the new version of this page. In fact, I’m going to be making a lot new stuff with the parts of this page, and I’ll make sure to link back to this post when I do so you can see how far I can stretch the supplies!

Do you have something you’ve made that you just can’t stand, but you keep it around anyway?

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