Megan and Jake from the Nerd Nest

We’re about to head off on vacation, but we promise we’re leaving you in good hands. For the 11 days, you’ll be bombarded with awesomeness from some very special guest posters here at the Nest! Plus, we’ve scheduled posts from us every weekday while we’re gone too. That means you’ll have something to swoon over at 6 AM and noon CST for an almost-fortnight.

We’ll be more around to answer questions and comments some days than others, because part of this vacation is just us needing time to pack and clean, part of it is us on a boat with probably no wifi, and part of it is really our friend Jessica’s vacation because she’s coming to stay with us! For those of you long-time readers, you know that means our house will be full of our friends from far and wide for a few days and there will be no sleeping here.

If you want to keep up with our everyday while we’re gone, follow me and, to a lesser extent, Jake, on Instagram. If you aren’t on Instagram, we post it all to our shared Flickr too.