We are on a food adventure, trying to use local meat and produce the majority of the time. Or at least start with what we find at our farmer’s market. Here’s what we were working with:

Yellow squash, eggs, pickling cucumbers, snow peas, tomatoes, brats, ground beef, spinach, lettuce, coffee from City Market Coffee House, peaches, beets, plus leftover stuff from the previous weeks.


On Saturday we went to KC’s Maker Faire and were wiped when we got home. And we ended up not being able to eat until super late. So we went to Denny’s because Jake and Eliza have been craving it. Everyone else was cool with it, but mine was gross. Undercooked inedible eggs, rubbery pancakes, and greasy everything (and not in a good way). Should have gone to Chubby’s.


Sunday we had dinner with Jake’s parents. We had honey baked ham, homemade bread, mashed potatoes and gravy, and (our contributions) fresh corn and peaches. It was the bomb.


Monday we had barbecue chicken pesto pizza with bacon (bacon!!!). We used pesto from last week, this pizza dough recipe with half white and half wheat flour.


Tuesday we had delicious grilled hamburgers with buns made from a dinner roll recipe in The Everything Cookbook, baked french fries (olive oil + rosemary + salt + pepper), and baked green beans with panko crumbs and wasabi ranch. So much yum.


Funny story: we don’t usually buy sugary cereal but this week there was a sale too good to pass up. Eliza about died of sadness when we told her she could only have one bowl a week. Jonas, when we gave him some, said, “It’s candy! I eat a BOWL OF CANDY!” So that happened.


Jonas is obsessed with peas. We sat on the front porch, shelling them, while watching a thunderstorm, and only half of them made it inside. Because he ate tons of them. Raw peas.


Wednesday we ate at a Chinese buffet.


Thursday Jake and I had a lunch date at Fric and Frac because nothing says America’s birthday like BURGERS.


Then we had dinner at my dad’s. He grilled.


Friday we had a bunch of friends over, so we made smoothies (frozen strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries + honey, a handful of spinach, and a bit of apple juice). I freeze whatever fresh fruit we can’t eat fast enough and smoothies is the perfect way to use it.

Chicken pot pies as homemade as it gets. #whatsfordinner

We made two Chicken Pot Pies for everyone for dinner, but we decided to make it FROM SCRATCH. So I baked some chicken parts in the morning (which really just involved seasoning them and throwing them in the oven), removed all of the meat for later, and then put the bones in our crock pot along with some water and veggies that were on their last leg. That cooked on low all day, and by dinner time I had chicken stock. That took all of five minutes of prep.

Then Jake made the crust using an apple pie crust recipe from The Children’s Step-by-step Cook Book and I chopped up and cooked fresh veggies to use instead of frozen.

It was so. Much. Better. The easy version of this recipe is already amazing, but swapping out everything we could for the from scratch alternative made a huge difference. Yes, it took more time (and dirtied WAY more dishes), but really it just gave our hands something to do while we were standing around talking with our friends!

Obviously it might not be realistic to do this 100% of the time, but I love the challenge of making better food when I can.


Jonas and I harvested lots of good stuff this week! We picked some more peas, strawberries, and the first two tomatoes from our Better Bush tomato plants! The kids are obsessed with gardening, and I love that I can get food in my front yard. Which is tiny. In the city. But more on that later this week!

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What have you been eating lately? Do you have any yummy recipes to share?

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