Farmer's Market

We are on a food adventure, trying to use local meat and produce the majority of the time. Or at least start with what we find at our farmer’s market. Here’s what we were working with and what we ate for the past two weeks:

*We missed sharing a week and picked up stuff at multiple markets, so the format will be a little different in this post. I’m just sharing food highlights (there were a few visits to Chipotle and family dinners at other people’s houses in there as well.)


Stuff from City Market: A ton of blueberries, peaches, red potatoes, ground bison, and bison summer sausage. We still had a lot of stuff from the previous week, so we didn’t load up too much. That’s also way too much fruit, but we froze half of the blueberries.


The peaches didn’t last very long.


Italian Sausage with Potatoes and Peppers is one of our favorite summer dinners.


Jonas and I love simple lunches. This one is bison summer sausage, blueberries, munster cheese, and crackers.


I keep a carafe of coffee in the fridge for iced coffee, adding any leftover coffee in the morning to it and brewing new pots as needed. (If you do that, let the coffee cool to room temperature before adding it in.) I’ve been freezing coffee ice cubes so my iced coffee doesn’t get watered down. It’s pretty wonderful. I’m drinking some as I write this.


We checked out our small neighborhood market for the first time.


We all walked over together and picked up some cookies (only half of which made it home), mint, thai basil, lettuce, and jam.


We made a hamburger pizza together, which was creamy and delicious. We topped it with cheddar cheese, ground bison tossed in barbecue sauce, bacon, blobs of cream cheese, and caramelized onions (on my half). We used this pizza dough recipe with half wheat flour and whipped up a sauce with tomatoes (which I roasted first at 375 degrees for about a half and hour), a bit of olive oil, kale from our garden, Italian basil, salt, peper, and a pinch of sugar. No one noticed the kale. You can sneak anything into pizza sauce with a food processor.


Jonas and I had a few good mornings at the Filling Station. He’s obsessed with their muffins (and now their danishes, too).


Burritos using local tortillas filled with ground bison with homemade taco seasoning, black beans, black olives, cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, avocados, and salsa.


For tostadas we pan fried corn tortillas and topped them with leftovers from the burritos.


Went to lunch with a friend for the Korma Sutra buffet. Not my favorite Indian food ever, but still pretty good.


More from City Market: green beans, brats, broccoli, rhubarb, cucumbers, and a ridiculous amount of zucchini and yellow squash. I tried to just buy two of each, but I got sent home with much, much more.

Funny story about zucchini: I was talking to Amy the other day and she asked what all we were planning on planting. When I said zucchini, she was shocked.

“You read Animal, Vegetable, Miracle, right?” she said.

Because in that book, the author and her family are buried in zucchini. And the joke was that zucchini season was the only time you lock your doors in the country, because neighbors will bomb you with bags of the stuff.

Amy, if you’re reading this, you were right: it looks like I’m going to be buried in practically free zucchini this summer before mine even starts to flower.


Speaking of AVM and zucchini, Jonas and I made zucchini chocolate chip cookies and they were wonderful. No one could guess the secret ingredient. I’m going to try to alter it some so that they’re more chewy and less cakey though.


I lost my keys at the market, so I went back the next day. No luck with the keys, but I did pick up some beets, deli ham, and sliced mozzarella.


We went to the zoo care of our friend Steve (his work had an awesome function there, but more on that later) and packed ourselves plenty of food so we didn’t have to buy expensive and not so healthy concessions. Bottles of water, peanut butter crackers, frozen blueberries (which taste almost like ice cream balls and are awesome), and sandwiches on mini bagels all kept nicely in super heat thanks to plenty of ice packs. We did break down and buy popsicles though. It was HOT.


Lots of simple salads lately, like this one with lettuce, cucumber, cheddar cheese, croutons, pepperoni, tomatoes, and Italian dressing.


We made Chicken carbonara with a teeny crop of peas from our garden. Also, I think that the recipe calls for way too much pasta. I’m going to edit it soon.


We made brats, bow ties with pesto, and beet salad. The pesto was made from roasted brocoli and zucchini snuck in along with basil from our gardin, olive oil, parmesan cheese, garlic, and almonds. Based on Elise Blaha Cripe’s pesto with a few extra veggies snuck in. The beet salad recipe is from Fresh from the Farmers’ Market and was WAY too heavy on the garlic.


Eliza and I had a girl’s night and we walked to have dinner at Po’s Dumpling Bar, her favorite restaurant. Jake found us a Groupon, so we ate like queens. Love that he checks regularly for local restaurants on there.

We had shrimp dumplings, Cha Su Buns, pork noodle soup, and apple dumplings. We took half of it home for lunches.


For this week, we stopped by a local stand for amazing peaches, cantaloupe, and sweet corn. This stand is at Westport Road and Southwest Trafficway on weekends, for you local Kansas City folks.


Here’s what we’re rolling with for this week from City Market: Yellow squash, eggs, pickling cucumbers, snow peas, tomatoes, brats, ground beef, spinach, lettuce, coffee from City Market Coffee House, peaches, and beets.

What have you been eating lately? Do you have any yummy recipes to share?

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