As you can tell if you follow me on any social media, I’m still going still going strong with the garden. Really strong. Take over the front yard kind of strong. Here’s a peak into what’s growing right now. (It’s even more fun to read if you compare it with what the garden was like in May.)

Up there is thai basil, mint, and a non-stop begonia. The non-stop begonia is a flower, but it almost died when I tried to make it live inside. It’s bouncing back, but no new blooms yet.


Our herb sculpture is completely full. The pots make it so easy and it looks awesome.


Basil is our most used herb. We’ve got a ton of it, and we use it several times a week.


Also in the sculpture: regular parsley, flat-leafed parsley, rosemary, dill, cilantro, and thyme.


A tip for potted herbs: make sure the pots have good drainage so you don’t overwater. I put a coffee filter at the bottom of pots to make sure the water doesn’t take soil with it when it drains.

Another tip: pinch off the flowers.


Because it’s been so hot, I’ve been having to water them pretty much every day. If I miss a day, things will look droopy, but they’ll look good again a few hours after water. The’ve been pretty resilient. A few times I’ve thought one of the plants was going to die, but I just trimmed off the dead stuff and back they come.


The herbs are spreading everywhere. We’ve got spearmint in a hanging pot on the front porch.


And chives, oregano, a bunch of pineapple sage, and rosemary on the steps leading up to our porch.


The sage that we planted last year (it started out one little sprout two inches tall!) is turning into a full on bush, which is cool. The first round of peas are done with, but we grew and harvested alaskan snow peas around the sage. Jonas ate most of them before we could get them inside. We’re about to plant more to harvest in the fall.


The burning bush someone stepped on last winter was just a little stub in the ground, but now look at it! It’s almost as big as the two that didn’t have a set back. They’re going to look awesome in a few years.

(And we obviously really need to mow our grass.)


We have a surprise flowering tree right by our house. We might have to move it, because it’s so close to the house, but for right now it’s just cool that we have flowers we didn’t plant.


We should have harvested the kale by now (it gets bitter in the heat), but I just throw a bit of it into stuff I’m blending up anyway.


We have thornless blackberry vines growing, but they won’t produce until next year. We’re deciding how to trellis them right now.


We have strawberries and tomatoes goin’ in buried pots (with marigolds growing near).


We’ve gotten two tomatoes off of the plants a week or so ago, but since then: nothin’. They have a lot of flowers though, so I’m hopeful.


Tip from the farmers at the market: instead of watering tomato plants with a watering can, stab a few holes in the bottom of a milk jug so the water leaks out slowly. Jonas painted ours.


I learned that I really do have to water them every day in the summer. I missed a day with the flowers from my step-mom, and I lost half of the plant. It’s still kickin’ though.


The kids have their own plants on the porch, too. Right now they are taking care of basil, chocolate mint, grass, and flowers.


We’re not as far along with the gardening as I would have liked, but what we’ve got is pretty awesome. Maybe we don’t have raised beds yet and nothing is properly weeded, but having fresh herbs at my doorstep is the best!

Do you have a garden? How is yours going?

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