We’re on vacation for the next two weeks, but we’re leaving you in good hands with guest posts everyday AND regular Nerd Nest scheduled posts on weekdays. Today’s guest post is by Jen from hclappy scraps. She’s a hobbyist foodie like we are and is here to take over Savory Sunday!

Hi, I’m Jen. I’m super excited to bring you this week’s Savory Sunday while the Nerds are away having fun adventures! I write a lot about food and recipes on my blog, hclappy scraps. I even tried my own version of Savory Sunday last year, inspired by Megan’s posts. So I jumped at the chance to do a recap of our food this week.

It was a pretty typical week of food for us. We’re recovering from a crazy busy summer, and my husband has been working a ton, so there was a bit more convenience food than usual.


We had a few errands to run on Saturday, so lunch was a hot dog and ice cream from Costco. Can’t beat lunch for two people for five bucks!


We also took advantage of the free sample carts. Of course we did, it’s Costco. We tried a protein bar, polish sausage, turkey, and cherries.


I wanted to check out Aperture on the computers at the Apple store, so we headed to the mall. Jason noticed a new store giving out samples, and we went in to investigate. The whole store was filled with tiny containers of tasty things to try. Clearly Saturday was a great day for samples! The store is called Oil and Vinegar. Besides different kinds of oils and vinegars, they sell pesto, herb mixes, and all kinds of sauces. You can make your own salad dressing, and you can try everything before you buy it. The lady working there was super nice and answered all our questions. After testing out a few flavors, we went with the fig balsamic vinaigrette. It was delicious! I’ve never eaten a fig that wasn’t in a Newton, but the flavor of the vinaigrette makes me want to try more figgy things for sure.


When we got home, I immediately wanted to try out my new vinegar. I made an easy dressing with olive oil, the fig vinaigrette, and some regular white vinegar. (The fig was pretty sweet and I wanted a more subtle flavor, so I diluted it a bit). I also added a pinch of red pepper flakes for a little kick. I marinated some cucumbers in the dressing while I finished up dinner. We had frozen crab cakes and hushpuppies along with the salad. This is one of our favorite quickie meals.


Jason made strawberry shortcake for brunch on Sunday. He makes a really yummy and easy strawberry sauce. Simple syrup (1 cup sugar and 1 cup water) and a pint of sliced strawberries cooked on low for half an hour. We forgot whipped cream at the store, so it was necessary to substitute ice cream. (Oh darn!)

Sunday afternoon we went to see Pacific Rim with my stepson. Lunch was movie theater popcorn and Icees, which I forgot to take pictures of. Dinner that night was leftovers from Saturday.


I wanted to start out the new week super healthfully with a trio of processed meats. I called it h’ors d’oeuvres night, and it consisted of sausage balls, meatballs, and pigs in blankets. Judge me all you want, I’m cringing just typing this. I classed it up even more by burning the pigs. And way overcooking the sausage balls, a recipe I’ve been making flawlessly for years. Definitely an “off” night.


Tuesday night I was back on my game. Jason wasn’t feeling too hot, so I was cooking just for me, which meant Taco Night. Tacos are my favorite, and I’ll use any excuse to make them! I made chicken tacos with chicken I’d cooked in the slow cooker. It was so tender and juicy. I’ll definitely be doing that again.


Wednesday night Jason was in need of comfort food, so we had Salisbury steak and mashed potatoes.


By Thursday I was so over the junk we’d been eating the past few nights. I was also pretty desperate for some veggies. I baked some fish with basil and tomatoes and paired it with my favorite squash and asparagus recipes from Kalyn’s Kitchen. There might have also been some boxed mac and cheese involved…


Friday is our usual grocery shopping night. We didn’t get in until late and neither of us was in the mood for a big dinner, so I made eggs.

That wraps up our week in meals. I always love to hear about what other people are eating, so leave a comment if you have any good recipes to share!

Jen lives in South Florida with her husband and cat, cleverly named Miss Kitty. She blogs about digital scrapbooking (including Project Life), step-parenthood, recipes, and travel on her blog hclappy scraps, where she often overuses parentheses, “…’s”, and run-on sentences. You can also find her on Instagram and Twitter most days.