How I'm FINISHing Out the Year | One Little Word Update by Megan Anderson

Time for an update of my monthly One Little Word goals! If you haven’t read about my FINISH intentions + actions yet, this post will make a lot more sense if you do. One Little Word is a class taught by Ali Edwards at Big Picture Classes.

I skipped sharing about May, because May and June were CRAZY for me. In fact, there are a lot of things I didn’t quite get to in May and June, because I did other things instead. Bigger things. Better things. Things I really really really can’t wait to tell you about. But for now, OLW. Grab a cuppa tea, because this is a hefty post.

Here’s the deal: my intention in May was FINISH wood, and when it became apparent that doing a woodworking project with my grandpa wasn’t going to happen that month (because on top of all of my stuff, he went out of town for two of the weeks), I thought I’d sort of cheat and FINISH the unsealed wood on the butcher block island in my kitchen. But then that didn’t happen either. I didn’t stress out too much about it, because, hey, I’m really proud of what I did FINISH in May, even if it wasn’t related to an intention I set in January.

I also haven’t done the OLW projects for April or May, but I’ve written notes about them and fully intend to do them as I have time. I think of the projects as a bonus, and though I think that they really do help me grow in thinking about my word and my life, it’s fine with me if I don’t complete them in the month assigned. That’s what forever access is for.

I hadn’t spent a ton of time thinking about accomplishing my intentions during the month of May, but I did marathon through a lot of work and FINISH was at the forefront of my thoughts. I logged into the One Little Word classroom for June and the month’s challenge was all about re-evaluating. Perfect. PERFECT. I don’t know why I wanted to carry through with the intentions I made at the beginning of the year when many of them clearly don’t fit anymore. I still need to fill out the reflective worksheet for June, but what the month inspired my to do was revisit my intentions for the rest of the year. Here are my brand spankin’ new (or, in reality, reshuffled) intentions and how I worked on ’em in May and June:

How I'm FINISHing Out the Year | One Little Word Update by Megan Anderson

June FINISH work | I will finish the final touches for upcoming classes.

I can’t talk about this and it’s killing me. Just know that I did some awesome things. Multiple awesome things. Wahoo! One thing I started working on in June that I can share: I’m a contributor to the free Find Your Voice workshop from Rukristin Papercrafts.

June was also for finishing Project Real Life, which felt amazing.

July FINISH trip | I will go to Table Rock. I will Relax. I will take it all in.

The original plan was Yellowstone in August, but we did not plan enough ahead, so we’re hoping to do this next year instead. This year, we’re going to the lake with Jake’s parents for a few days and then coming back to host my best friend who’s coming into town!

August FINISH line | I will run the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure 5K.

Right now I’m getting a little nervous I won’t be able to do it, but I’m thinking of using an Instagram hashtag to keep me motivated. #MeganRunsForTheCure maybe? So you guys can be all, “Megan, why aren’t you running?” I also might consult Couch to 5K some.

September FINISH wood | I will complete a woodworking project with Poppy.

I decided against my original idea, so I’ll be thinking of an inexpensive beginner’s project to try.

October FINISH fini | I will read a book in French.

Twitter votes it will be Harry Potter. It was Amy’s idea and I think it’s grad. I was wanting something originally in French, but for my first novel, something I’m super familiar with will really help me navigate. Plus, Eliza will love it. So Harry Potter A L’Ecole des Sorciers it is!

November FINISH draft | Write a new draft of my novel.

Starting fresh! And, bonus, I’ll have NaNoWriMo to help motivate me.

December FINISH debt | We will decimate our debt!

The last two months we didn’t meet our financial goals, but I worked on things that will bring in income in the future. So hopefully it will be worth it!

I kept a lot of my intentions, but the shuffle makes so much more sense! Looking forward to being FINISHED with the old set of intentions and starting fresh with the new ones!

Also, in addition to my monthly intentions, I have intentions that I work on but don’t have a timeline, like FINISH strong and FINISHing re-reading my favorite books. And don’t think the sexy meaning of my word escaped me, but I’m not sharing about that 😉

How I'm FINISHing Out the Year | One Little Word Update by Megan Anderson

How I'm FINISHing Out the Year | One Little Word Update by Megan Anderson

Also, I used my handcarved finish stamp to complete the July assignment on Seafoam bi-fold cards.

When I signed up for One Little Word, I also signed up for I Choose, a self-paced class from Elise Blaha Cripe. These two classes totally work in harmony, and I used the info in I Choose to choose my intentions for the year (both times). Here are a few extra things I’m choosing to finish over the next month.

  • I choose to run.
  • I choose to participate.
  • I choose to take a break. (Here’s how you can help!)
  • I choose to be a crazy plant lady.
  • I choose to celebrate.

Also of note:

Do you have a One Little Word? How are you doing with it?

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