Yesterday Jake told you how to photograph light graffiti and today I thought I’d share the photos we took last night. In our heads, we pictured fun photos with sparklers spelling things out and drawing shapes. What we failed to think of: night doesn’t fall until WAY after the kids’ bedtimes and we’d spent an entire day chasing crazy Jonas, trying to keep him from being blown up. So we were exhausted, and playing with sticks on fire while our kids sat quietly on the sidelines was not in the cards. Luckily, my brilliant sister Kristin brought glow sticks! As soon as the glow sticks broke out, the kids forgot all about how unfair it was that they weren’t big enough to set off fireworks. And instead of getting pretty, well planned shots, we just let the kids play. And it turned out pretty cool. Here’s to a fun project to do with kids that will work all year round!

We hope all of you Americans out there had a fun and safe independence day! And if you try any form of light graffiti photography, make sure to show us!