Our swing set is more of a jungle gym, really. #bpcphonephotographyproject






Week 2 of the Big Picture Classes Phone Photography Project was a blast! Here’s what’s going on in the photos:

// Jonas having a blast on our swing set. There was swinging for five seconds, then it was all climbing. He loves taking pictures, and he loves talking about who is in them afterwards. // Not a cloud in the sky. // Eliza and Jonas had a lot of fun trying to get caught jumping in mid-air. It was hard, because my room slash office is East facing and the sun was setting. This is the least blurry version I could get. Filters to the rescue. // When I pluck the flowers off of my potted herbs (they slow leaf growth), I throw ’em on the ground. A bit of cilantro decided to take hold amongst the grass! // Build your own silly straws are ridiculously fun (Ours are like this one). So is blowing bubbles in water. // Jonas loves to get me water refills lately. He’s getting very independent. // I walked to go see Fill the Void with an old friend last weekend, and this is the view of the street the Tivoli is on. //

To see the photos as they happen (plus tons more), follow me on Instagram. If you’re not on Instagram, then Jake and I both post our Instagram photos to our Flickr too. And if you missed it, you can check out Week 1 here.

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