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After last nights looong post, I thought something quick and bright was in order! These are all phone photos I’ve taken for the Phone Photography Project. It’s my goal to do one every day the class goes on! I’ve never had such an easy time keeping up with classwork. Follow me on Instagram if you want to see them as they happen! I’m not sure if it’ll be redundant to share these here weekly, since I’m sharing them on social media daily, so I’ll let you all vote if you’d like me to share weekly in the comments section. Otherwise, I’ll just do a collage at the end. And if you have any questions about the content / how I’m liking the class, feel free to ask!

Here’s what’s going on in the photos.

// Selfie + my initials taken with our Olloclip of a typewriter key, a letter on a vintage camera, and a litter in an old book. // Awesome painted side-of-the-building advertisement in our district with lots of great Kansas City icons. // Jonas and I harvesting peas. It’s his favorite. Also, if someone paints his toes, he wants to paint ’em too. // Summer is for being outside! Swinging, playing, gardening, and reading in our hammock. // First tomato from our Better Bush plants! // Our friends came over, and we all do an Earth 3D Puzzle Ball. What do you expect when you come to the Nerd Nest? // Evening light over Eliza’s rock collection. Our leaded glass windows are pretty, but they leak air really bad. // I can’t stop eating the blackberries we got at the farmer’s market last weekend. They are the sweetest I’ve ever tasted. //

Phone Photography Project | Big Picture Classes

I’m taking the Phone Photography Project, which closes for registration July 10, c/o Big Picture Classes. We’re BPC affiliates because (obviously) I’m sort of obsessively in love with them. Purchasing anything at BPC through our links helps support the Nerd Nest!