Building the Pipe Bookshelves at the Nerd Nest

Pipe bookshelves!!! Watch the video below to see us put them together and then read all about how we made them.

It was a long time from idea to execution for our full wall bookshelves: we’ve wanted our own personal library for years (and Megan has the books to prove it). We started out in December and January by painting our beige living room white with a gray accent wall for the bookshelf. Then in February we started seriously planning our pipe bookshelves by drawing up plans and pricing parts.

The total price ended up being about $400. We spent $250 was on hardware (my dad is a plumber, so we got a severe discount on the pipes; plus he had all of the right tools!), about $120 on wood and stain, and about $30 on screws. This is AMAZING, because having someone else build this custom bookshelf would have cost somewhere in the neighborhood of $5,000. DIY for the win.

Megan’s grandpa (Poppy) cut and stained the wood for us. He was done WAY before anyone else, because he loves a good project. (Megan did not inherit the do-not-procrastinate thing from him.) He used a pole to make sure the holes for the pipes were exactly lined up, which is important, because steel pipe is not forgiving; everything had to line up EXACTLY. For the pipe, I went to go cut it all down with my dad (who did the work, really). He is super busy at work, which is why we weren’t done until April. Learning all about cutting pipe was really interesting. The pipes had to be oiled when we cut them, so they drained in a plastic tub for a few days.

On bookshelf day, Megan cleared out the living room, and Poppy came over with all of the wood. We assembled the pipes and the wood together on the floor before lift off. We made sure to put towels on the floor to prevent scratching! Jonas helped, obviously.

We love them. They’re our favorite thing in the house, and they’re probably the focal point to.

ROYGBIV Pipe Bookshelves | The Nerd Nest