Learn how Amy was able to quit her day job with no advertisers and fewer than 1000 followers in BUILD e-course

Today I’m interviewing Amy from Lemon and Raspberry and she’s telling us all about BUILD, her upcoming in-depth ecourse on BUILDING an online platform! Watch the video interview below to find out what BUILD is all about, how Amy got the idea for the course, who will benefit most from it, and more!

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For the record, we’re already in love with the BUILD e-mails. Jake and I are currently working on a redesign for the blog, and one of the main things we are trying to tackle is organizing our content. The newsletter has certainly given us a lot of things to think about as we are working on using organization to direct focus on our archives. And that’s just the free material! We are so excited to log in for a preview of the course today!

I am a contributor to this workshop and am a Lemon and Raspberry affiliate. BUILD is not available yet, but if you sign up for the BUILD newsletter though these links, we’ll receive a small commission on anything you buy through the newsletter. Triple win!