This week's market haul. #farmersmarket #citymarket #kansascity

We are on a food adventure, trying to use local meat and produce the majority of the time. Or at least start with what we find at our farmer’s market. Here’s the new stuff we added in the mix last week: Zucchini, red potatoes, onions, ground bison, honey, carrots, lettuce, tomatoes, strawberries, cucumbers, eggs, basil plant, and non-stop begonias (which are not food, but are pretty on our front porch).

Time for tea!

If this is working, life ain't bad.

Sunday the kids hung out with their grandparents for a bit so Jake and I could work. We went to Tea Drops so we could focus. Sometimes you need to go somewhere were you can’t do laundry to really get things done. Jake had bubble tea and I had a pot of mango black (my very favorite).

Sunday night we went to my grandpa’s for a family dinner celebrating his birthday.

Cucumber, tomato, black olive, and feta salad with Italian dressing for dinner.

Monday the kids and Jake had leftovers and I had an awesome salad: cucumber, tomato, black olive, feta, and Italian dressing. It’s a delicious combination.


Dessert was apples and Nutella.

Plank grilled tilapia, grilled zucchini, and pasta salad. #whatsfordinner #tasteslikesummer

Tuesday I grilled all by myself, which is a big deal. I grilled zucchini with this method (SO GOOD). I plank grilled tilapia, which I rubbed with our Caribbean Jerk Dry Rub and marinated in the rest of the lemon olive oil leftover from the zucchini. I added bow tie pasta to the cucumber salad, which was perfect. Also, Jake is anti-fish, so he got a brat.

We made berry smoothies

We ate most of the strawberries as soon as we bought them, but froze the rest. We made smoothies with the rest of the strawberries, frozen blueberries, a bit of white grape juice, and some honey. The kids loved making them as much as they loved eating them.

Bison burgers with homemade buns #whatsfordinner

Wednesday we grilled bison burgers and ate them on homemade buns, using the dinner roll recipe from The Everything Cookbook. We also made homemade french fries, which we baked with olive oil, seasoning, and rosemary.

Coffee date.

Thursday morning Jonas and I had breakfast at The Filling Station. He’s obsessed with muffins.

Thursday night we had Chipotle.

It's just me, so salad for dinner!

Friday night Jake and the kids were at his parents, so I went for a salad for dinner because it was the quickest thing I could make. Lettuce + carrots + cucumber + tomatoes + pepperoni + cheddar + Italian dressing.

Cue music.

I miscalculated, though, because I had a salad for lunch Friday too. And two salads in a day does not cut it. So around midnight I walked to grab some mozzarella sticks at Joe’s Pizza, but they didn’t have any. So I got stuffers instead, which ended up being like huge calzones. I could only eat one, so I’ll have a ton of leftovers to eat for lunches next week. And they’re packed with veggies, so I won’t have to share.

Megan at City Market Coffeehouse

Saturday morning Jake and I went to City Market Coffeehouse before getting stuff at the farmer’s market.

Bacon + coffee = happy day

I had an iced lattee and Jake and I shared a bacon and egg burrito. Which is delicious.

You can tell I was working a lot last week (and it was hot), because there wasn’t a lot of cooking going on.

Today's market haul #farmersmarket

Here’s what we’re rolling with for this week: A ton of blueberries, peaches, red potatoes, ground bison, and bison summer sausage. We still have a lot of stuff from last week, so I didn’t load up too much. That’s also way too much fruit, but we’re freezing a bunch of it for smoothies.

What have you been eating lately? Do you have any yummy recipes to share?

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