Mini market haul from our neighborhood guy. #farmersmarket

We are on a food adventure, trying to use local meat and produce the majority of the time. Or at least start with what we find at our farmer’s market. Here’s the new stuff we added in the mix last week: Tomatoes, zucchini, onions, and green peppers. We didn’t have time to go to our big market, but luckily there’s a farmer selling a few things in our neighborhood on weekends. We thought we were going to go to our neighborhood market on Wednesday, but it was raining heavy all day.

Here’s what we ate last week:

Jerusalem Bakery

Sunday we took a stroll over to Jerusalem Bakery, one of our favorite neighborhood places. The kids and I had the buffet, which is awesome, and Jake had a teriyaki chicken wrap with fries. Jonas is obsessed with “fwaffle” right now; he’d eat about 16 of them if we let him.


Monday was salads and leftover penne from last week. It got mushy leftover, so next time I’ll only make what we’ll eat in one sitting.

Making chili seasoning.

Tuesday I set out to make chili with as few pre-packaged items as possible. That meant making my own seasoning, and this chili seasoning recipe was perfect. It’s stored in a leftover spice jar, and it’s all ready for next time! (I swapped out the paprika for smoked paprika. Which I do for everything, because smoked paprika is the bomb.)

Chili & cornbread for dinner. #whatsfordinner

Then I set out to homemadify our family chili recipe. I skipped the rotel and canned tomatoes and went for fresh tomatoes and diced jalepenos instead. I also added in green peppers, which is what my mom includes instead of carrots and celery. So this chili was packed full of tomatoes, jalepenos, green peppers, carrots, and celery. That’s a lot of veggies to get into people who don’t like veggies (*cough*Jake*cough*). I did do canned northern beans and kidney beans, because I’m hardcore, but I’m not soak-dried-beans-overnight hardcore yet.

I also tried homemade cornbread for the first time. I love that this recipe used honey instead of sugar (points!). I used corn flour instead of regular flour, and it turned out a little dry. I think I’ll go half and half next time.

Caribbean Jerk Salads! So delicious. #whatsfordinner

Wednesday we made Caribbean Jerk Salads, which is Jake’s very favorite thing. If you haven’t tried it yet, seriously click the link, because our Caribbean Jerk Rub is the most delicious spice blend ever. We’ll be eating it almost every week now that it’s summer.

Yum! #whatsfordinner

Thursday we had gilled apple brats, which we bought from the market a few weeks ago (we freeze market meat) with cheddar cheese, barbecue sauce, and stir fried onions on top.

For the side we had potatoes, which we toss with olive oil, salt, pepper, and a sprig of chopped rosemary. Bake until golden brown and never wish for french fries again.

We also had grilled corn and cherries.

Can't seem to nail hot dog buns.

I like this wheat bun recipe for hamburgers, but it’s way to dense for hot dog buns. Thinking about using a dinner roll recipe for a pillowy bun next time.

Friday we were on the go and ate Chipotle in the car. Fancy, I know.

For lunch Saturday we used the leftover chili and the leftover buns to make chili dogs.

Caribbean jerk wraps

Saturday night we used the leftover jerk chicken to make wraps. Forgot the lettuce for some reason.

Dinner was Caribbean jerk wraps, stuffed jalapeños, and homemade guac.

We also had homeade guacamole (avocado, onion, lime juice, minced garlic, diced tomatoes, and jalapeno) and stuffed jalepenos (cream cheese, bacon, and garlic salt).

A pretty delicious week all in all, but not using anywhere near the amount of local produce I’m aiming for.

This week's market haul. #farmersmarket #citymarket #kansascity

Here’s what we’re rolling with for this week: Zucchini, red potatoes, carrots, onions, ground bison, honey, carrots, lettuce, tomatoes, strawberries, cucumbers, eggs, basil plant, and non-stop begonias (because they grow in shade!). We’re also planning on stopping by our neighborhood stand today for some cantaloupe.

What have you been eating lately? Do you have any yummy recipes to share?

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