The walnuts are coming in!

I’m so glad the leaves on the trees are in now, even though that means less sunlight for the plants. I remember hearing the breeze rustle the leaves for the first time a few weeks ago and feeling like my heart was exploding. I didn’t realize how much the long winter we had was weighing on me.

The walnuts are starting to come in on our huge black walnut tree, which is exciting. We’re going to learn how to actually harvest them this year.

rukristin Find Your Voice

I’ve been working a ton. In just about all of my free time, unless I’m snuggled up to Jake in a pile of exhaustion. Working on a still secret project with Big Picture Classes, a self-paced workshop with Allie that we’ll reveal next week, a self-paced workshop for the new not-yet-open Nerd Nest store, and contributor stuff for the FREE rukristin papercrafts summer workshop Find Your Voice. I love the work I’m doing, so it barely feels like working, but I do have so much on my plate that I’m frazzled and I’d be dying without to-do lists everywhere. Also, my house has reached a whole new level of not clean. And Jake is sad ’cause he’s had less time to do his coding projects, because he’s been helping me.

In the exhausted pile of not-movingness in the wee hours, Jake and I have been watching a whole lot of Arrested Development. We started the series over from the beginning to watch the new Netflix season. In fact, you’ll see that this strongly effected the amount of books I read last month when I share my May Reads next week.

Peaches while we wait for dinner.

We’re all obsessed with summer fruit from the farmer’s market. There’s not much better than sitting on the front porch, eating a perfectly ripe peach with juice dripping down your elbow.

Have fun, E!!!

Eliza started summer school this week and she loves it. It’s way more fun than the regular school year, with weekly field trips and visits to pools. They’re also studying a different Francophone island every week, and along with learning about the culture they eat food from the culture once a week too, which is pretty awesome. This week was all about Haiti.


Summer means going to see more movies. Eliza went to see Epic with my grandpa, I’m still meaning to write about my love hate affair with Gatsby (I’m just going to throw it into the reads post next week).

This Is the End was hilarious. I haven’t laughed so much in a movie theater since I went to see Get Him to the Greek. Ironically (SPOILER), I have the same complaint about both movies. Stop raping Jonah Hill. It’s not funny. A person getting raped is never funny. Quick “is-it-okay” rape joke guide: Is the victim the punch line of the joke? No? Go ahead. Yes? Stop it stop it stop it.

Speaking of Arrested Development, if you’re a fan, watch out for Mae Whitman (Ann) in the bathroom with Michael Cera.

I’m most excited about seeing Much Ado About Nothing next. Shakespeare + Joss Whedon? Yes, yes, yes.

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That’s a bit of what’s going on around here. What’s going on with you?

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