Welcome to Project Real Life REDO, a project to re-start the (closed and finished) Project Real Life Workshop with some friends. Project Real Life was a 4Expert course by by Becky Higgins I took care of Big Picture Classes. I’m documenting the class prompts and then I’ll include them in my Project Life.

Week 9 was about Cut Out the Clutter. I had no time to actually cut any clutter last week (last week was CRAZY and it was hard enough keeping up with normal stuff + extra work), so instead I just reflected on what I need to declutter when I get a chance.

Project Real Life REDO | Week 9 by Megan Anderson

The main thing I need to work on decluttering is my brain. I feel all over the place, I’ve got a lot of balls in the air, and I need to do a better job keeping track. My fragmented lists stashed around the house are not cutting it.

I used to keep a journal that I wrote in every night, and I’ve stopped doing that. Blogging has replaced it for me. But perhaps I need to take a few minutes every day to just purge thoughts and ideas.

*That poster behind me is made by our awesome friend Matthew Naquin.

Project Real Life REDO | Week 9 by Megan Anderson

Also, I need a master list in one place.

Project Real Life REDO | Week 9 by Megan Anderson

This is the main area in my house I’m going to tackled to declutter asap. It’s an awesome bench made by Poppy (my grandpa) made, and it deserves to show off its awesomeness rather than being buried in toys. Also, one of those bins is full of winter hats and scarves. Not so useful in June.

Project Real Life REDO | Week 9 by Megan Anderson

I also need to go through and declutter / organize / decide what to keep amongst Eliza’s school papers.

Can’t wait to get onto this stuff, just need to figure out how to make it a priority.

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