Welcome to Project Real Life REDO, a project to re-start the (closed and finished) Project Real Life Workshop with some friends. Project Real Life was a 4Expert course by by Becky Higgins I took care of Big Picture Classes. I’m documenting the class prompts and then I’ll include them in my Project Life.

Because this is the last week of the the class, I’d like to share a few reflections on Project Real Life REDO. Firstly, forever access at Big Picture Classes is amazing. It is so cool that I still had access to all of the workshop content, even though I couldn’t complete it when the class actually ran. I like that this course had me reflecting on life in general, as well as documenting things I wouldn’t otherwise document. Becky did an amazing job with the content and I’m so glad I took the time to really get the full experience of the class: actually doing the work did so much more than just reading / watching the content did. I’m so thankful for my friends Allie and Alissa for doing this with me. It’s so much easier to motivate yourself when you have people to bounce ideas off of, share with, and be inspired by. Blogging has motivated me too. Setting deadlines for myself, however arbitrary, gets it done. Lastly, what’s really working for me is to focus on photos and words first and assembly when I can. This is sort of my motto with memory keeping: I don’t always have time to order photos or get out scissors and glue, but if I record things now, I can make awesome stuff with the memories later. Now to the Week 12 content!


This week was about Looking Forward With Bright Hope. I’m looking forward to very simple things.

I’m looking forward to my last season with super long hair, and hoping that everything goes according to plan I won’t it anymore come next November (there’s a secret fundraiser that we’re launching in a few weeks!). I’m looking forward to a bunch of Princess Leia inspired hairstyles as I find ways to get my hair off of my neck + the weight spread around my head for hot summer days.

Project Real Life REDO | Week 12

I’m looking forward to summer adventures with the rest of the nest. Last weekend was a zoo trip thanks to our friend Steve, and this weekend will be the Maker Fair.


In a bigger picture view, I’m looking forward to watching these two learn and grow. And I’m hopefully looking forward to more mini nerds sometime in the distant future.


I’m also looking forward to a changing career, which I’m hoping is as inspiring and amazing in the future as it is now. (Short term, I’m hoping that I can get my to-dos check off in time and that new product launches coming up will be successful!)

This idea of looking forward is also all tied up to my One Little Word FINISH for me. I’ll be talking about how I’m doing with those goals and what I’m changing in a few days.

On an even bigger picture scale, I’m looking forward to social changes and a better world. It is harder to believe in this hope, but I try to do my part and stay positive.

What are you looking forward to?

If you’re doing a Project Real Life REDO too, head over to Document Life Workshop to link-up and to see what Allie and Alissa are doing!

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