Night Photography

I’m a little obsessed with nighttime photography right now. I recently shared my nighttime photo of the Kit Bond Bridge with you and I wanted to share a few more of the nighttime photos I’ve been taking. Our new camera has helped me to fall back in love with photography that’s just for fun, because I don’t have the limitations that I did with our other camera.

Click on the photos for a larger view.

I like the challenge of night photography, and during the week nighttime is the only free time that I have. Win win. I took this one in front of the Kauffman Center for Performing Arts with one of our friends as the subject. I’ve been wanting to do light painting in photography for a long time, but I’ve only done really simple things with the techniques. I didn’t have a flashlight to “draw” the light, so I used my phone. The camera was on our tripod (a good tripod is essental for nighttime photography because the camera can’t move at all to prevent blurring) and the shutter was open for 30 seconds for a long exposure (I used the aperture to control the amount of light that was let in instead of the shutter speed). I used the light to trace my friend Matt in front of the building. It’s not a perfect photo, but it was so fun and is a great start.

Kansas City Skyline | Night Photography

The same night, I took a Kansas City skyline photo. I’ve been scouting out amazing spots to take one and I finally found one! I had to hike a bit to get it. I was going for the city skyline and motion: I love that the cars are swirling lights. You’ve already seen this photo in Megan’s awesome scrapbook page.

Night Photography

My proudest nighttime photos lately have been of the moon. It’s A LOT harder than it sounds. Because the moon is so far away, even the slightest movement causes a blur in the photo. Even the shutter vibrations move the camera too much. I had to go for a near lock up, when the mirror in the camera opens before it takes the photo, to get it. This isn’t my final moon photo (I’ll go to a rural area to get a better one), but I’m progressing! We’re going to print the perfect one HUGE. I’m excited.

I’m loving the challenge and the rewards of doing nighttime photography! Have you ever tried to take photos at night?