Eliza's Summer Activities List

Eliza’s last day of first grade was yesterday, but she only has a week and a day until summer school starts up. We’re going to make the most of that week at home, and since our planned Spring Break activities went so well, I thought I’d draw up a plan for fun for this week too.

We’re doing a combination of awesome projects she got for Christmas or her birthday (I hide some stuff away so there are new and exciting things to do during summer) and simple stuff found on Pinterest.

Here’s some of the stuff we’re planning on doing:

  • We are absolutely going to put on our Spiderman gear and throw stuff at a painter’s tape web. But we’ll probably do it outside, because Jonas breaks stuff.
  • We’re going to clean her room to get ready for a garage sale. This actually can be a fun activity, as she’ll get to keep the money from the stuff she sells. That makes it more exciting. She also gets to put prices on things with washi tape. Good times.
  • We’re going to Make some birdfeeders to try to entice some feathered friends to move into our birdhouse. We’re also going to do stuff to try to scare the birds away from our strawberries.
  • We’re going to grow some crystals with this Crystal Growing Kit. We’ll practice our Dr. Horrible evil laugh while we’re at it.
  • We are going to make Chocolate Beet Cake and we’re gonna eat it for breakfast. Because we can.
  • We are going to order eggs for our Insect Lore Live Butterfly Garden.
  • We are going to plant some carrots and build a raised bed with bricks we dig up from our yard (there was maybe a pathway or something back there once upon a time). We’ll hunt for worms for our compost bin.
  • We’re going to attempt to put together this Earth puzzleball.
  • We are going to put on bathing suits and splash in our tiny plastic kiddie pool.
  • We are going to have a Superhero Scavenger Hunt.
  • We are going to read like crazy.
  • We are going to make rad jewelry with this Wooden Bead Mega Creations Set.
  • We are going to find the fun where and when we can.

Having plans ahead of time helps me to make the best use of my time with Eliza. A lot of the day, I’m taking care of crazy man Jonas or, now, baby Ava, and when those two are sleeping, I’m working. It would be easy for her to feel shoved to the side. But I’ve found that by doing a few quick, epic things a day, her joy and excitement carries through those times in which she has to entertain herself. And this stuff is the stuff she remembers.

What fun things do you love to do in summer?

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