Need to test out the sizes of images on your sidebar? Designing a blog post around images you don’t have yet? Want to see how different sizes of images would look on your new blog layout? Here’s a quick way to insert images into your design before you have images. is a free “placeholder” service that generates an image for you based on the parameters you pass in the URL for the img src. (If you don’t know how to read image code, check out our post on demystifying image code to become the master of your blog images!) The image defaults to including the size of the rectangle inside, but you can also include custom text inside, as we did for the image above. You can also change the color of the square and the text. All you have to do is change the numbers in the SRC of the image, and the new image size is created! This is so much quicker than having to keep going back to an image generator.

Here are a few examples:

Standard Square:

General Rectangle:×50

Custom Text:×200&text=USERPHOTO

Custom Background & Text Color×200/AADE1D/2B2B2B

Custom Background & Text Color w/ Text×200/AADE1D/2B2B2B&text=USERPHOTO

Pretty cool, huh?

This service has many uses, but the major one that comes to mind is that it would be perfect for a sponsorship page to let your prospective sponsors know what sizes are available and what size ad they’ll need. I know that we’ll be doing this to our Sponsorshop Page as soon as we get our new design up and running!.

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