I loved the assignments for Week 1 of Find Your Voice from Rukristin Papercrafts! I’m letting the workshop inspire me to make all sorts of things, but I’m planning containing most of the content in inserts for my Project Life. That’s what I did for Week 1, which I typed up on a cropped 6×12 patterned paper using my favorite typewriter. (If you’re interested in a typewriter, check out our 5 Tips for Finding Typewriters post.)


This week I focused on the writing prompt. Here’s what I wrote:

Storytelling is so important to me. It is how we remember the past: both our own and the wide vastness of history. Stories are not always true, but they do always have power. The power to change how we see the world. The power to raise the voices of those whose voices are often suppressed. They have the power to entertain, to record, to persuade, and to educate. Storytellers paint the past and dream the future. I am an everyday storyteller. I record and celebrate the stories of my life and my family. But other stories burn within me, stories that set my heart on fire. I have trouble knowing when to quell and when to feed that fire.

In the context of storytelling, I am multifaceted and outspoken, I tell my family story through photos and words as a scrapbooker and a blogger. I use those methods as a teacher as well, to encourage others to find ways to celebrate their lives too. I am a storyteller to my children as I read to them and answer their questions and teach them about this world. I tell stories to friends and family to build relationships and entertain. I write fiction to enable me to share my perspective and worldview. I originate stories and share stories and find stories and eat up stories told by others. Stories are the most important non-people thing in my life.

My storytelling goals ARE my creative goals. I would like to tell my story through memory keeping in the most complete way I can. I would like my life to live on those pages as a magnum opus. I would like to write a book that changes the world. I would like to make a living from my storytelling. Most of all, whatever the outcome, I would like to be able to take great pride in the stories I’ve told.

My favorite stories share commonalities: they are beautiful or haunting or perspective shifting or transgressive or all of these things. They push boundaries or fill me with emotion. A few favorites are … in this post… These are only the books that have inspired me, but visual art, movies, and memory keeper’s work is also important to me as a storyteller.

The common thread that unites the stories I love is a probing into what it means to be human and creativity that prevents predictability.

This page is very simple, I chose a subtle pattern from the Echo Park All About a Boy pack to ensure that the journaling was easily readable. A strip of Freckled Fawn Polka Dot Washi and Teal Kelly Purkey Alphabet Stickers for a title was all the embellishing it needed.


I also took a selfie with my phone using Timer Cam, which I’ll use to make a little 6×12 scrapbook page to accompany the journaling page. One thing that keeps me from getting overwhelmed with workshops like this is to do the documentation, photographing, writing, and reflecting right away, but to save the photo ordering / assembly / project making for when I have time. It’s the least stressful way of doing workshops I’ve found that still helps me make sure I get the assignments done!

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