This year I’m playing along with Ali Edward’s Day in the Life. At the end of each month, I’ll be documenting our routine.

Here’s yesterday!

The morning was kind of weird. Jake and I had stayed up super late the night before, so everything was off. Jake got Eliza ready and she went off to her school’s summer camp. Jake also changed Jonas and fed the little hobbit his first breakfast before going off to work. So I could sleep in. Because he’s amazing. I (sort of) woke up and Jonas and I snuggled up and started watching a movie in my bed. I fell back asleep, which is a major parenting fail. I woke back up an hour later and he was sitting on me, polishing off a bag of freeze dried bananas. He didn’t get into any mischief, but it was a wake up call for me that I need to be more careful about what time I’m going to bed and getting up and moving in the morning.

This is why I usually make coffee before doing anything else in the morning. And why I decided to take it easy with the documenting and stuck with mostly iphone photos.


We were out of breakfast food, so Jonas and I walked to the Filling Station. I had a latte, Jonas had hot chocolate, and we shared a peach blackberry danish and a orange chocolate chip scone. It was delicious, and we enjoyed the walk. A lot of the time, Jonas chooses to ride to the coffeeshop in a little red wagon, but this time he wanted to walk by himself. Which means I had to carry him half of the way. I love that he says “hi” to everyone we meet along the way and is always trying to make new friends.


We got back home just in time, because it started to rain. Jonas and I sat on the front porch and he squirted stuff with a water bottle, which is something both of the kids love playing with right now.


Jonas and I emptied out our “rain barrel” because it was getting kind of sludgy on the bottom so it could start fresh. Jonas and I got an extra screen from the basement and put it over the top of the barrel to keep stuff that will rot in the water, like leaves, out. (The house came with some weird things, like tons of extra windows and doors that were leftover from knocking out walls and adding onto the house.)


We listened to the thunder start to roll in and watched the rain, which fell heavy and sideways and filled the air on the porch with mist. Jonas was noisy and excited about the thunder, and we talked about why it rains.


He made sure to check on the plants and to see if the screen was working before we went back inside.


We chilled in my room and he played while I did a bit of laundry and organizing. We’ve been re-arranging things, so I had this pile on my desk to tackle.


I also repaired a few things Eliza made and Jonas broke. I couldn’t find my extra hot glue sticks, so I had to stick an pencil in there to push the glue out.


Then we went downstairs for lunch (leftovers + fruit). I did the dishes and listened to an old episode of Paperclipping Roundtable.


And Jonas created a dry erase marker masterpiece.


Then we built towers, though apparently knocking them down is way more fun than building them.


Nap time! “B”s and bear are must-haves. “I go nigh night get energy?” Thank goodness for the Yo Gabba Gabba episode where Plex has to be plugged in to get more energy. Jonas talks about it every time he goes down for a nap and also talks about how “Zeigh-Z”a will be here when we wakes up.


I worked some, then found something to do hovering by the door waiting for Eliza to get off of the bus. She can’t open our old front door. It’s tricky. I slipped a few pages into scrapbooks that have been needing a home. (Here’s the 6×12 layout and here’s the scooter layout behind it.)


Eliza came home and threw paper airplanes at me, which she’s super into right now. School wears her out, so lately she likes to watch TV for a bit when she gets home and not talk or play or anything. So I leave her to it and work for another twenty minutes or so.


I worked on Find Your Voice stuff.


Then Jonas woke up and went downstairs to finish E’s movie, Mulan, with her. I snuggled them for awhile and then composted some rotting veggies. The heat is making things rot more quickly and I need to figure out how I’m going to store squash for longer. I also popped some beets into the oven. I’d never tried them before, but I try to pick up something that scares me at the farmer’s market almost every week. I hadn’t made it to the grocery store this week, so I racked my brain for what I could make with what I had. I popped some broccoli and zucchini into the oven too.

photo 2 copy

Jake worked sort of late and went to see his brother Nick on the way home.


The kids began to mutiny, as always happens if Jake gets home late. There was a lot of running around and craziness and there were more than a few time-outs.

Eliza told me all about firefighters coming to her school and getting to go inside a fire truck. She also told me that her swim day got moved to the next day because of the rain.


Jake got home right as I was shredding the beets. I love that they are fuschia. I also cooked some brats on the stove, cooked some bow tie pasta, and used my late grandma’s food processor which I have officially stolen from my grandpa to make pesto with the broccoli, zucchini, a bunch of basil from our garden, olive oil, parmesan cheese, and almonds. The almonds instead of pine nuts idea is stolen from Elise’s pesto recipe. I love that I could sneak so much green stuff in. I’m going to use the leftovers for chicken pesto pizza. Win.


Everything was mostly good, but the recipe I used for the beet salad was way to heavy on the garlic. It’s all I could taste: raw garlic. It wasn’t bad if I took a bite with a brat, but it was overpowering on its own. So I still don’t know if I REALLY like beets or not.

We were lazy and watched Master Chef instead of eating family dinner style. We usually eat in front of the TV once or twice a week to watch a show we all like together. The other regular show in our rotation is Once Upon a Time.


Then we all went outside to talk and watch the rain. Eliza and I read a bit out of National Geographic Kids. Jonas drew with sidewalk chalk. It was good times. Funny thing: we thought the sun had already set, but the clouds moved and it was still super bright out! That’s how heavy the clouds were.


We put the kids to bed and watched the sunset together. The colors were extraordinary.

Afterwards Jake coded and I took a bath and read and did yoga. I was going to work, but I was mentally exhausted. I needed this simple day to get myself back on track.


I had a snack of an apple and nutella, and a loud clap of thunder woke Jonas up. Jake went to go comfort him, and I came back upstairs to a toddler in our bed and a Jake who wanted to watch a movie rather than code more, which ruined my reading plans. (I still mostly read.) We put Jonas back in bed after an hour or so (he was so cute and snuggly that Jake had trouble making him go back to his room) and then it was lights out.

That’s a day in the life over here. Did you do a day in the life? Share a link if you did!

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