5 Stash Busting Tips by Megan Anderson #scrapbooking

This week’s challenge over at Document Life Workshop is to Finish Up a Product Package, so today I’m going to share some tips for you on how to bust that stash!

1. Keep almost finished embellishments visible.

It can be easy to think of our shiny new supplies when trying to decide what to use, but older stuff or packages with just a few elements left might be easy to forget. That’s why I keep a big bowl of embellishments on my desk. I mix it with new stuff I’m excited about, old stuff I anticipate using soon, and packs I’d like to finish off soon. That way, they’re right at my fingertips and at the forefront of my mind when I’m creating. Find a way that will work for you to make things you’d like to finish visible!

5 Stash Busting Tips by Megan Anderson #scrapbooking

2. Use up the last of product pack by spreading elements over a layout.

I used this tip for the above Project Life spread. It was much easier to spread the last 8 stickers of a K & Company translucent sticker pack over a big spread than it would have been for me to fit them all in a small space. Instead of looking like I was just trying to get rid of the thing, using embellishments from the same pack brings cohesion to the spread through repetition of colors and themes.

See the whole Project Life spread here.

5 Stash Busting Tips by Megan Anderson #scrapbooking

3. Transform what you have into what you need.

In the Little Fish and Mom layout above, I did some creative cutting of letter stickers to make the letters I had left into the ones I needed! I end up doing this all of the time. There are never enough “e”s, are there? In the above layout, the second “t” in “little” is really pieces of an “l” and an “f”. The “h” in “fish” is an upside-down “y” with the tail cut off. You never would have known if I hadn’t told you.

I also transform embellishments by covering up phrases on stickers that don’t make sense for my layout (so the sticker just becomes a frame for a new phrase), by sticking parts I don’t like under other layers in a layout, or by taking dimensional stickers apart to make them flatter (or vice versa). If you think that a pack has lost its use for you, try to look at it with new eyes to see if you can transform it into something you’ll use.

5 Stash Busting Tips by Megan Anderson #scrapbooking

4. Finish off a few packs with a mini book.

Spreading elements over a layout is awesome, but spreading elements over a whole mini book is even better. In this mini, I busted about 5 leftover product packs, just by adding rub-ons into corners, underlining photos with stickers, or stacking up embellishments on page edges. Because I used patterned papers from tons of different brands to make the book, having colors and shapes from the same embellishment packs made the book feel like a cohesive whole instead of just a bunch of random pages. And it was so easy to finish up all those packs without things feeling crowded!

I made this album as a contributor to the Fold It In workshop. See more sneaks of my album here.

5 Stash Busting Tips by Megan Anderson #scrapbooking

5. Draw the eye around your page with embellishments.

Use clusters of embellishments or lines of embellishments to create lines on a page that draws the eye around. You can create diagonal lines, horizontal lines, or vertical lines, but using products to create them is an easy way to use up a bunch at once!

Except for the clock on the above page, which is circa 2009, all of the embellishments came from the same pack. Busted!

What’s your favorite way to stash bust?

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