Welcome to Project Real Life REDO, a project to re-start the (closed and finished) Project Real Life Workshop with some friends. Project Real Life was a 4Expert course by by Becky Higgins I took care of Big Picture Classes. I’m documenting the class prompts and then I’ll include them in my Project Life.

Week 8 was about Honoring Tradition. My goal was to find things going on last week that related to family traditions.

Project Real Life REDO | Week 8 by Megan Anderson

This weekend I went to dinner and to see The Great Gatsby with my mom and aunt, and I thought of the traditions my family has wrapped around going out to movies. Since I started Project Life, I’ve started a new tradition of taking pictures of movie goers (almost always horrible quality hold-out-the-phone photos) in front of the poster, display, or over-the-door theater sign of the movie we’re seeing. I love having this bit of pop culture in the books, and it’s fun to see what movies we choose to go out and see. I don’t get every movie, and the other nerds in the nest tend to forget to do it for movies that I don’t go to, but I think it’s a fun (kind of crazy) little tradition.

Project Real Life REDO | Week 8 by Megan Anderson

Going to see this movie with Beth (my aunt) and my mom made me remember how often Beth and I would go to see movies when we were younger. She’s five years older, and the years after she had a car, we’d go see a movie after almost every family holiday party. She’d also pick me up and we’d go see them “just because” really often, probably at least once a month. I’d love to rekindle that tradition and go together more.

Project Real Life REDO | Week 8 by Megan Anderson

Another new tradition wrapped up in old ones is going to the farmer’s market at City Market. My mom and I went tons over the summer before my little sister was born (she was even crazier than Jonas is now, so our public appearances reduced a lot after she was walking around). It was different then. There were animals for sale from the vendors, and I remember loving the chickens and absolutely pining over the bunny rabbits. I remember going with my mom’s friends. I remember thinking the brick streets were super interesting and asking a million questions about them. I remember seeing people with facial piercings and prominent tattoos for the first time. And saying that I’d never do these things upon learning there were needles involved. This is a funny memory for me because a few years later my mom was married to my rocker step-dad, and practically every non-family member adult I knew after that had tattoos and piercings, so it’s interesting to remember a time when that wasn’t normal to me.

Jake, Eliza, and I went every weekend when we lived across the street. It was our weekend tradition to roll out of bed, go out of our first floor window onto the street, and walk over to buy groceries. That fell off a bit after Jonas was born (I think we only went a few times last year), but we’ve made a point to go every weekend starting at the end of this March. I think it’s neat to think that this is a tradition that our kids might continue when they grow up, and wonder what they’ll remember about it. Eliza will probably remember our friends at the coffeeshop and balloon animals, because those are her favorite things.

Because last weekend was Memorial Day weekend, I want to include what we usually did as kids over the holiday weekend. I usually had an extended family picnic with my step dad’s side of the family, Jake’s family usually went camping. Because Jake’s allergies bother him more this weekend than any other time of the year, we lay low and relax at home rather than camping or picnicking. Plus, it usually rains.

I’m also writing about the tradition of bedtime stories in our family: my family read books to me before bed until I could read them myself, and Jake’s dad told him “Timmy stories”– stories from his childhood– that Jake sometimes re-tells for the kids, unless he’s telling them crazy “Jake stories” instead.

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