Welcome to Project Real Life REDO, a project to re-start the (closed and finished) Project Real Life Workshop with some friends. Project Real Life was a 4Expert course by by Becky Higgins I took care of Big Picture Classes. I’m documenting the class prompts and then I’ll include them in my Project Life.

Week 6 was all about Finding Balance in Routine. A lot of this year, I’ve been working on finding the right routine that will work for our family (and make us happier). I’ve still got some kinks to work out (and there will always be kinks, let’s be honest: that’s life), but I think that my daily routine is in a really good place right now. But doing the prompts this week really forced me to think about the problem areas and what I can do to change them. Here’s to that.

Project Real Life REDO | Week 6 by Megan Anderson

Morning Routine I’ve mentioned a bunch of times that we’re lazy in the mornings, and that is so true first thing. I love that, and I think I need it to get some snuggles in before Jonas twirls off like a Tasmanian devil. It also helps that it gives me time to savor that first cup of coffee. But I need to pay more attention to the time and make sure that our lazy hour isn’t more than an hour, because it can eat up more of our morning than it should if I’m not paying attention. Or if I procrastinated and need to work a bit in the mornings, which I try not to do but have been doing a lot due to a special project coming up.

After the lazy is over, now that it’s nice out, we get dressed and go outside. He tries to escape the backyard, we go take care of our garden, we break out the little red wagon and go on walks. I love it.

Project Real Life REDO | Week 6 by Megan Anderson

Afternoon Routine The afternoon routine is usually a bit of cleaning, lunch, then nap time for Jonas. I do yoga most of the time for a bit, then work fast and furious. Eliza gets home about 3:30, and I mozy downstairs from the office and continue to work or read a book while I wait for her. Then I hang out with E or go back to work while she watches a show until Jonas wakes up. They usually chill together for a bit and continue on with the TV show (lately it’s Powerpuff Girls) and then get crazy with the playing, either outside or inside. And by crazy I mean crazy. It’s really fun unless Jake gets home late– then I’m tired and get cranky and the kids start to mutiny. I’ve tried to pay attention and notice that this happens more often when a) I skip yoga and b) I didn’t finish working and I’m distracted / stressed. So it’s not them (well, it is a little… they’re at a fighting/whining point in their relationship). It’s mostly me. Or it’s all in how I handle their crazy. So I need to up the yoga and get more efficient with work.

Project Real Life REDO | Week 6 by Megan Anderson

Evening Routine Part of our evening routine is to read books, but we didn’t do so hot with it last week. Too many guests and staying up after the kids’ bedtime. I love when Eliza reads to me: she’s getting so awesome at it. When she started it was stressful for me. It required SO MUCH patience at a time of day I’m pretty much out of patience. But the hard part is over (at least with her), and now it’s all joy and pride. I love reading to her, too. I’m amazed at her comprehension skills when I read her chapter books and love the conversations the books can spark.

Bedtime Routine I almost always read before bed. It shushes my busy thoughts and settles my mind and body. Last week I finished re-reading Let the Right One In and started re-reading The Great Gatsby.

Project Real Life REDO | Week 6 by Megan Anderson

Weekend Routine Weekends are crazy for us usually; we can end up all over the place. But now that Eliza’s in soccer, we know that we’ll have a game Saturdays and practices Sundays. Love the routine of that. Also now a weekend routine: shopping at our local Farmer’s Market. Everything in between: chaos.

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