Yesterday we had my mom and Jake’s mom over for dinner with our siblings, and Jake grabbed a few family shots between dinner and dessert. (My sister was there too, but she left before the photo taking.) Jake, the kids, and I spent a big chunk of the day cooking an amazing meal, and it was so worth it. But more on that next Sunday.

IMG_0661 copy

The kids also finished up the last of their flower pots – they each painted a pot for each of their grandmas (and for me). Love seeing them get creative.






They would have been better with natural light, but these are pretty much the most fun family photos ever, in my opinion.

Mother’s Day was GOOD.

IMG_0613 copy

Saturday night we celebrated Mother’s Day with Jake’s step-mom, and this week we’re going to have dinner with my step-mom. Our family is a little complicated, but I’m thankful to have so many amazing women in our lives.

IMG_0620 copy

The challenge at Document Life Workshop this week is to Document a Memory of Your Mom. Go take the challenge! I talked with my mom yesterday to get her perspective on a memory, and I’m going to search through my box of childhood photos this week to find a photo from around the time of the story. Can’t wait to share it with you later this week!