Document Life Changing Words by Megan Anderson

The challenge at Document Life Workshop this week is to document Life Changing Words. I had two ideas for this challenge, but I’ve had to phone in friends for a picture to use on the other one. I decided to document life changing words Jake said to me in regards for my major in college and my career plans: “You don’t have to be practical.”

In case you can’t read the writing, here’s the journaling:

I started Park University with majors in education and social sciences and a minor in peace studies. I am very passionate about education and thought this was my path. But the more I learned about the education system, the more anxiety I got. I realized that I would have few rights as a teacher, and could easily be fired for expressing my views. The school system I wanted to work for became increasingly more standardized, and they weren’t teaching the way I think students learn. When pressed, I told Jake that I didn’t really want to be a teacher because I thought it would make me happy: I wanted to be a teacher because it was the only practical job I could think of that would allow me to pursue and act upon my love of history and sociology. I was breaking down, crying, feeling like I was in the midst of a quarter life crisis. I was unable to handle the possibility of not knowing what I wanted to do, and scared at the prospect of wasting all of that money and time on credits I wouldn’t use. But Jake looked me square in the eye, and said words that seemed to free the tightening that had been growing in my chest: “You don’t have to be practical.” And he was right. His majors were business management and software engineering; he had more than enough practical and stability between the two of us. So I switched to sociology and liberal studies with an emphasis in creative writing, keeping my peace studies minor. It was embarrassing for me a little, because I like to be the kind of person who sets out on a path and follows through. But the switched allowed me to learn what I wanted to learn without worrying about what I was going to do with the knowledge. It allowed me to set out onto the creative path that is the practical path for my happiness.

Because this is documenting words, a conversation really, there wasn’t a photo to go with the journaling. So I just searched through my 2009 photos and found one I liked of Jake that didn’t really have a story to go with it. That’s my favorite trick for documenting stories that don’t have photos: just find a picture of the subject of the story from around the same time. Totally works.

The background of this digi 6×12 page is repeated cards from the freebie card kid Splendid Fiins by Nisa Fiin. To make the background balanced, I flipped cards horizontally to create a mirror image in the design. Because the cards are a little under three inches across, I had to repeat a third card in each row to fill in the gaps. I put that layer under the other two layers. Each of these cards had words on them, but I did creative layering and cropping to just get the colors and designs. Totally in love with the color scheme and hand painted feel.

Also, love that this free font Typewriter Condensed mimics a date stamp! I’ll be using that a lot in hybrid and digi pages from now on.

What words have changed your life? Go take the challenge and check out the team takes!

Supplies Used: Digital Card Kit: Splendid Fiins by Nisa Fiin; Fonts: Typewriter Condensed, Bebas Neue.