Kit Bond Bridge by Jake Anderson

It’s no secret I love a good photo walk, and most of the time my goal with them is to get several interesting photos. I wanted to get to play with my new camera last week without sacrificing too much of my limited alone time with Megan after the kids went to bed, so I opted to make the goal getting one great photo instead. I went on a short scooter ride to the Kit Bond Bridge, which I cross on my way to and from work everyday, and set up with the goal to take one amazing photo. And I think I’ve got it. This is going to be printed on a canvas and hung in our home, for sure. (Click on the photo for a larger view.)

Tripods are necessary for nighttime photos like this. The shutter was open for 30 seconds. Usually you hear that quick camera sound: “Click!” When the shutter is open so long to let enough light in because of the dark, it’s “cah [wait 30 seconds] lick!” It was absolutely essential that the camera stay completely still to prevent blurring. The subject of the photo has to be still too, which is why all of my nighttime photos are of architecture-hah!

Kit Bond Bridge - Before - by Jake Anderson

I shot this in RAW, which I don’t normally do because we’d fill up a million harddrives with the amount of photos we take if we saved all of our photos in such a space hungry format. But for this photo, it was necessary because RAW format preserves much more information about the image, which allowed me to manipulate the exposure and color in editing. The above photo is what the image would have looked like before developing in RAW format. No where near as beautiful as the image at the top of the post!

I’m so excited to keep on going on photography walks / rides to play and improve.

Okay, I’m done nerding out about photography now.

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