This year I’m playing along with Ali Edward’s Day in the Life. On the last day of each month, I’ll be documenting our routine.

Here’s yesterday!

The boys have breakfast together before Jake goes to work.


Eliza waits for the bus and studies her spelling words.


Jonas and I snuggle for our daily morning lazy hour.


We watched Aquabats and Kipper.


Cleaning out the microwave after I warmed up my coffee with a clothes pin Jonas had thorwn in there unnoticed. Oops. Lucky there wasn’t a fire. Related: E-Cloths are the bomb.


I like to eat a few hours after I wake up (after a cup of coffee or two). Jonas eats a second breakfast, because he’s a little Hobbit. We had yogurt and granola.


Working on organizing the pipe bookshelf, which we’re officially sharing in a few days. I brought all of the gazillions of textbooks downstairs and stacked things by color so I could get an idea of what I’ve got to work with. Jonas is playing with Eliza’s cleats in the background.


Jonas loves playing in the waterbarrel. We weren’t really using our giant trash cans, so I set them under the parts of our front porch where a ton of water drips off when it rains. We keep the lids on when we’re not using them, and just dunk in a watering can when we want to water the flowers. It’s been pretty effective. And our water bill is going to be so low!


Jonas loves his “watering the flowers” chore.


After we played outside a bit more, we broke for lunch. Leftover pizza and spinach salads with feta, mandrain oranges (which we’ve been eating by the bucketful), pecans, and homemade dressing.


Then nap time for Jonas and work time for me. It was so gorgeous outside, I worked on our hammock on the front porch.


Then Eliza got home and I hung out with her and the cat.


Scrapbooking for about ten minutes or so. And yep, I do yoga poses as I work. I’m a flamingo!


After Jonas woke up, the kids watched an episode of Pound Puppies while I cleaned a bit and meal planned.


Then back outside.


Jake got home from work and set immediately to try to fix our lawnmower. There were popsicles.


Dinner was semi-homemade because I felt like crap. Stir fried noodles with tons of fresh veggies and Trader Joe’s frozen orange chicken.


Jake researched the lawnmower problem while we ate. Daylight was a’wastin!


The kids “helped” with the finishing touches on the lawnmower. Jake got it fixed. Wahoo! It was getting jungly out there.


While Jake mowed, I gave Jonas a bath and did yoga. (Didn’t get to it earlier.)


Before bed books for Jonas while Eliza showered.


Before bed books for Eliza. (She read one to me while I worked on the bookshelf, then I read some Harry Potter to her.)


Then Jake and I took showers (he was dying from his allergies) and snuggled up to watch Robot And Frank, an indie film we’ve been wanting to see for forever. It was perfect.

Obviously those blinds have got to go. And we need a headboard.

Jake fell asleep immediately after the movie, I stayed up and read awhile.

Jonas woke us up in the middle of the night to get in bed with us. After he climbed around on us for a few hours, I put him back in his room. We think he’s having growing pains this week.

Not pictured: A lot of social media interaction on my phone, several Jonas time-outs, ode to Midol, and a rare second pot of coffee because I was tuckered out midday.

That’s a day in the life over here. Did you do a day in the life? Share a link if you did!

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