Let’s talk about donating. But not in a send-your-money-in-an-envelope, get-calls-several-times-a-month, set-up-a-recurring-credit-card-payment sort of way. It’s about working giving into your lifestyle in ways that are pretty financially painless. It’s great to donate and give directly, but this month I’m going to share about ways that make donating convenient or that give a donation for things you already buy. Most of these ideas are for people in the US, but I’d love it if you international folks would share your favorite ways of easy donating in the comments section for your country too!


Do you have your bag ready for tomorrow? Saturday, May 11 is Stamp Out Hunger. Your postal carrier will be picking up perishables to give to families in need, and they’ve already dropped the bag off to you. We’ve got our bag ready with nuts, dried fruit, canned tuna, and non-condensed soup. Not sure what to give? If you’re not up for going to the grocery store in the next 24 hours, just raid your pantry for unopened and unexpired stuff. If you’re going grocery shopping, we recommend reading this article on food drive giving tips by Angie at Lariats and Lavender.

Box Tops

Speaking of food, you probably already have items in your kitchen with Box Tops for Education labels on them. Even if you don’t have kids in school, start saving those labels. Pick a school with financial need, save them up, and donate them. Collect them from your neighbors. It makes a big difference over time.


Recently we’ve fallen in love with Sevenly, an apparel company that donates to a different cause each week. I found them through one of our past causes, End 7, and bought a lightweight sweater to support the cause. Then the next week’s cause was great (and so were the designs, which are new each week), so I bought a shirt for my sister’s upcoming birthday. And then this week’s cause was great, so I bought Jake a shirt. Jake and I wear stuff until it wears out, and we’ve got a few spots in our wardrobes that need replacing. And we’ve got gifts to buy. So we’re going to get them at Sevenly when we can. Doing good with money we’d be spending anyway? Yes.

Edited: Sevenly heard about our love for them, and sent us a special link so we can track the impact from the Nerd Nest. Let’s see how much of a difference we can make, Nerd Nest fans!

(We also love that Sevenly sources ethical products. That’s important to us; read more in this Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is article.)

Herringbone Toms

Get a pair, give a pair at Toms. Toms gives a pair of shoes to those in need for every pair purchased. If I have to buy shoes, they might as well help someone too! I wear Grey Herringbone Classics with Teal Sole and Jake wears Ash Classics. We’re planning on buying Eliza some soon too; either red canvas or maybe red glitter. They look awesome and are awesome. Here’s to hoping that more companies take on this business model.

P.S. If you’re into fancy sunglasses, Tom’s Eyewear helps restore sight to those in need.

These are just a few ideas, but there are a ton more! Leave your favorite easy donating causes in the comments section.

We aren’t sponsored by these causes, we just want to support them.