I am so excited that my friend Amy from Lemon and Raspberry has announced her GIANT self-paced blogging e-course BUILD, coming this July!

Amy is amazing. She’s a huge inspiration and motivator for me. You might not be able to see it directly, but reading Lemon and Raspberry has done so much to help me improve this blog. If you don’t believe me, go read the archives. I also admire her ability to create a successful career from blogging: Amy is has made a successful career through her blog with only 1,000 followers and no advertisers. Her vast knowledge on better blogging is amazing to me, and I can’t wait to read more about how she does it.

Even if monetization isn’t your goal, BUILD will help you determine what you want out of blogging, and will help you GET IT.

I had so much fun recording an over-an-hour long video interview for this e-course, and I’m not the only contributor you’ll be excited about. BUILD will also include bonus materials from these awesome bloggers:

If their interviews were anything like mine, that’s over 6 hours of bonus material. And if we’re the bonus, think of how BIG the core content is going to be!


While we’re all waiting for BUILD to be released, head over to read more about the course and sign up to receive free blogging tips.

Also, make sure to follow Lemon and Raspberry for upcoming video promos from all of the contributors–including me! The first one is coming on Friday.

I am a contributor to this workshop and am a Lemon and Raspberry affiliate. BUILD is not available yet, but if you sign up for the BUID newsletter though these links to get 9 weeks of free blogging tips, we’ll receive a small commission on anything you buy through the newsletter. Triple win! This post is not sponsored by Amy. I’m just EXCITED!!!