NSD at BPC by Megan Anderson

To celebrate National Scrapbooking Day, Big Picture Classes hosted an amazing free Creative Crop packed full of challenges from amazing teachers in the BPC community. I wasn’t home most of Saturday, but I looked forward to each hourly e-mail challenge, read via my phone, with relish. And then I decided I would take on the goal of completing all 10 challenges on Sunday. Spolier: I did it, thanks to Jake taking over the majority of the parenting for the day (you rock, Jake).

You’ll be seeing most of my takes again, as a lot of them are part of bigger projects (especially my Project Life), but I just wanted to share them all together, because I’m pretty darn proud of completing 10 projects in a day. (Okay, some of them are sort of combined. So it’s not REALLY 10 projects. But we’re calling it 10, ok?)

Here’s what I came up with:




Challenge #1 from Stacy Julian was to Use I Statements to discover a new story! I’m planning to use these to explore a bigger story later, but I loved the idea of just listing the answers to these “I statements”. This will go right into my Project Life for the week, and I think it will be a fun project to complete a few times a year (or to quiz other family members with!)


Challenge #2 from Aly Dosdall was to Add additional photos to your layout with a pocket page panel. Of course, this is my go-to weekly, as I’m a little insert crazed when it comes to Project Life. In the spirit of the challenge, I decided to include larger versions of photos I love in an insert, photos I would usually shrink down and use in a one pocket collage.




Challenge #3 from Tami Morrison was to Create a summer bucket list to create and capture memorable summertime adventures. I started a little mini book with an Amy Tangerine Daybook for this purpose, and I’m planning on filling it up with our adventures when I have them!

Tip: I sewed a ribbon to the back cover so I can tie the daybook shut. This way I can use all the thick embellishments I want!

And if you’re interested in making your own Daybook from scratch, or just seeing one all filled up, check out this Daybook of Eliza at 6.


Challenge #4 from Donna Jannuzzi was to Use a sketch to create a multiple-photo layout. I used half of the two page sketch to create a layout about gardening. I’m obsessed with our plants lately, so it only makes sense to feature that love in a big way with a full layout. I’ll use this as half of a Project Life spread.


Challenge #5 from Lisa Day was to Use the sketch provided and create a layout about someone or something you love. I created a layout about Jonas, because seeing his joy running at full speed in wide open spaces makes me feel like my heart is overflowing.


Challenge #6 from May Flaum was Instead of falling back on your usual techniques and supplies, take a creative hike and try to mix up your next project. I decided to start with stamps. I also started with a story I didn’t have photos for, and just chose a recent photo of Eliza and Jake because the story is about them. More on this layout + stamping tips later in the week.


Challenge #7 from Angie Lucas was to Scrapbook the last photo or photos found on your mobile device. I didn’t want to print any extra photos (I’m running low on printer ink), so I just scrapped the three most recent iPhone photos I’ve had printed. I also wrote little stories to go along with each of them.


Challenge #8 from Ali Edwards was to Use arrows to emphasize parts of your journaling. I was going to use arrow stickers, but then this arrow paper was sitting on top to my 4×6 scrap pile. Perfect! I considered cutting out the arrows, but decided instead to cut strips of paper for the journaling and adhere them so an arrow is pointing at each strip. I love the result (and strips of paper are a good way to make sure your journaling is visible on busy patterned paper).


Challenge #9 from Karen Grunberg was to Use your own handwriting to journal. I do this on pretty much everything, so I copied Karen’s take on the challenge and stamped journaling lines so I would have a place to write more neatly! On a scrap of patterned paper, I stamped a grid pattern and cut it out with a circle punch to create a journaling spot. I love using circles and strips of paper to journal in the negative space of photos.


Challenge #10 from Stephanie Howell was to Create a page sharing why you are grateful for a relationship in your life. I wrote about how amazing Jake is because, well, HE IS AMAZING.

Hope you liked a look into my weekend scrapbooking blitz! I had a ton of fun with these challenges and am so thankful to BPC for the motivation to record all of these memories. That, I believe, is the best thing about these sorts of challenges! If you participated in the crop, I’d love to see your take on the challenges too!

P.S. If you love a good scrapbooking challenge, check out Document Life Workshop.

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