Welcome to the past week in food! We’re trying to use local meat and produce the majority of the time. Last week, we were working with red potatoes, sweet onions, asparagus, a turnip, morel mushrooms (!!!), spinach, eggs, carrots, a whole chicken, ground bison, hillbilly bacon, and a ton of herbs because I’m officially a crazy plant lady.



The first meal of the week happened as soon as I got back from the market: an over easy egg with shaved morel mushroom over asparagus with toast from last week’s baguette (which I had frozen). It’s true what they say: asparagus is so much better fresh. Crisp and crunchy and flavorful. Eggs and asparagus are a classic combination that work together really well, but the earthiness of the shaved mushroom added a whole extra flavor level; these three ingredients together are hard to top. I could eat this every single day. This meal tasted so much more expensive than it was. I’m so glad my sister spent the weekend with us, because no one that lives here likes asparagus and she totally appreciated the awesomeness.

The night’s bison burger was ridiculously amazing too. We made homemade wheat buns for our bison burgers and had the best toppings: sautéed a few morel mushrooms with sweet onions, bacon, fresh lettuce, thick sliced beefsteak tomatoes, and shredded colby jack. We also made our own french fries for the first time, but had a big disaster because of it: we filled the frier too full and it overflowed. Oil EVERYWHERE. And we broke the fryer (which is no big deal, because we only use it a few times a year). But the meal was so good, it was hard to care.



As an appetizer Sunday, we made spinach artichoke dip. It was pretty much a good way to get rid of the frozen artichoke hearts we’ve had in our freezer since Christmas and the random assortment of cheese in our deli drawer. We threw in the leftover cheese from last week: havarti, mozzarella, cream cheese, mozzarella, and a pit of parmesan. Also added in: a cup of mayo, a bit of dijon mustard, and a few heads of garlic. Plus cooked spinach and the frozen artichokes. And then we threw it in the oven until the top got melty and bubbly. It was a sort of thrown together thing, but it was really good.

For the main event, we made Chicken Carbonara. We added in shrimp too, which has to be added towards the very end or it will overcook. I forgot the peas, which is one of the few things that healths up this meal. Oops.



We haven’t gotten up early enough to get the early crop of strawberries at the market yet, so I broke down and got some from the grocery store so I could use my spinach to make my favorite salad, Strawberry Spinach Salad with Homemade Misson Valley Dressing, for lunches this week. The pecans are from last year’s market crop and are almost done (uh-oh!).

The star dish this week was Morel Mushroom Risotto. My mom and sister came over to have dinner with us, and my mom mostly cooked it (I pretty much only prepped). It was so good I don’t even have words. I will say that I took every bite in slow motion, savoring it. I’m thinking about splurging on morels again so I can eat this before their short season is over.



Eliza’s dinner this week was tarts from the The Children’s Step-by-step Cook Book. We made spinach ones and spinach-tomato ones.I love that she’s reading a recipe and taking charge of a dinner a week. Also, I wish I knew that making pie crust was this simple. I’m never getting the frozen rolled up kind again.

These tarts are tiny and needed a side dish (we had fresh fruit with them, and it wasn’t quite filling enough). I think that the grape pistachio salad that goes with this cheese souffle recipe (also delicious) would be perfect.



Jonas and I went out for a lattee and milk together at City Market Coffeehouse. It’s my favorite place, and he’s finally calming down enough to make going weeklyish just the two of us doable.

We had another pizza night. Can’t say this enough, but I love making pizzas together because the whole family always gets involved. We use this dough recipe (but with half wheat flour) and make sauce based on Jen’s sauce recipe. The sauce is diced tomatoes cooked over medium heat an mushed, garlic, and a combination of dried and fresh herbs. It’s bright and fresh (and avoids the tons of sugar in most jarred varieties).



Jake and I had a date night at The Cheesecake Factory. We got cheesecake to go and ate it for breakfast the next morning. Awesome!


Here’s the new stuff we added in the mix for this week: Eggs, tomatoes, spinach, daikon, beets, cilantro, green onions, italian sausage, and ground beef. I didn’t get as much, because I still have a lot left from the previous weeks, and I went this afternoon instead of Saturday morning. I have no idea what I’m making yet, but I know there will be something Asian and something Mexican!

What have you been eating lately? Do you have any yummy recipes to share?

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