Welcome to Project Real Life REDO, a project to re-start the (closed and finished) Project Real Life Workshop with some friends. Project Real Life was a 4Expert course by by Becky Higgins I took care of Big Picture Classes. I’m documenting the class prompts and then I’ll include them in my Project Life.

Week 3 was all about Nurturing Relationships. In past weeks, I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about the week’s topic, but last week’s national events put me in a mental slump. So I’m sort of going to double up on my mulling the topics over and my private journaling this week. I also wasn’t as intentional about gathering the photos, so most were taken with my phone. I really wanted to get a good family photo of the four of us, but I’ll have to do that this week sometime instead. (Our sidebar family photo is a year old now!) I was surprised to find that I had photos for all of the prompts, even if I didn’t intentionally take them. That makes me feel good about my level of relationship nurturing.

Here’s what I documented for Week 3:

You + Them

Project Real Life REDO | Week 3 by Megan Anderson

This is a blurry hold-out-the-phone photo, but I love it anyway. Most nights, we cook and eat dinner at our kitchen table, but a night or two a week we’ll eat on TV trays and will snuggle up with a show. We’ll eat spread apart and then will pile on the couch together when we’re done.

We try to catch Once Upon a Time every week; it’s a family favorite. Eating together, talking about our days, and getting away from the screen as a family is very important to us, but sometimes tuning in and being physically and laughing together all snuggled up is good too.

Ordinary Task

Project Real Life REDO | Week 3 by Megan Anderson

The point of this prompt is to show how ordinary tasks bring us closer as a family, and that is so true. We talk and laugh and play as we do family chores together. Taking care of the plants is no exception, as the kids are a big part of the daily maintenance of the gardening and Jake is a big part of the big weekend garden projects. But I wanted to focus on the relationship between the plants and I. I didn’t expect becoming attached to them (they’re just herbs, vegetables, fruits, flowers, and bushes, after all!), but taking care of them and nurturing them does something, and I feel a sort of love towards them now. (In fact, I’m about to go rescue them because it’s supposed to freeze today, which is INSANE because I was wearing shorts outside yesterday.)

Those Who Helped Mold You

Project Real Life REDO | Week 3 by Megan Anderson

There are so many people that fall into this category, because with my messy extended family life, I really was raised by a preverbal village. But my grandparents are always the people I think of first. The Count Every Blessing layout is going in the same week of Project Life too, so that will be perfect. I actually might try to dig up a picture of my grandparents together (Grammy, my grandmother, passed away seven years ago) and write about how they both helped to mold me. I also want to take the time to document how my parents and various relatives impacted me as well.

Family Time

Project Real Life REDO | Week 3 by Megan Anderson

Most of our family time is spent doing everyday stuff. We like to cook together, play together, go on walks, watch nerdy movies, go to the park, read together, visit family, and go on weekend adventures. We have impromptu dance parties, do crafts, and play soccer. In fact, we’re pretty much always together. We’re mostly in the same room, unless someone is in need of some quiet time (usually me).

Even if we’re doing different things, we prefer to be in the same room together. I love that about us, and I hope it doesn’t change too much as the kids get older.

Love Language

Project Real Life REDO | Week 3 by Megan Anderson

My sister Taylor spent the weekend with us, and I am amazed at how much she loves and shows help. When she’s just hanging out, she fits right into the flow of the family and acts like she lives here. She changes diapers, helps keep Jonas out of trouble (harder than it sounds), grocery shops with me, and helps me cook. In this photo, she’s snuggling with the kids watching Curious George with them on her computer. After the kids go to bed, we pop in a scary movie for some sister time. I love that she shows her love by being so helpful, and how loving and amazing she is with her niece and nephew.

I loved looking for meaning behind my normal everyday relationships last week, and I’m excited to organize and simplify this week.

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